Here is a rundown of my thoughts on the show in no particular order. Please feel free to add your own in my comments field. I welcome them all and I promise not to be offended.

  • Michael wins fan favorite, and deservedly so. He will have success regardless of whether or not he will win the show.

  • Alison was completely robbed in the recycling challenge, but she kept her head up during the reunion. She was a class act when asked about it and that is more than I can say for more people.
  • The fact that they brought Keith back onto the show was a transparent attempt to create drama. Well it worked! Keith pissed off Tim Gunn in a major way by hinting that someone tried to sabotage him by placing the pattern making books under his bed to get him kicked off the show. Tim Gunn thought that Keith was trying to blame his getting kicked off the show on production, but I got the feeling Keith was trying allude to another theory. The theory that one of his fellow designers found Keith and his superiour designs to be so threatening that they planted the books and set him up to be kicked off from the show. I don’t buy eiether possibility, because Keith also attempted to plead ignorance about the contract. Please people, don’t ever sign a contract you haven’t read over!!! What the hell??!!! Keith is a talented designer, but I don’t believe he was set up, and I believe that kicking him off the show was a fair decision.
  • The Kayne word count was hillarious, as were the Amanda fainting moments…they were quite the pair weren’t they?
  • Angela annoyed the shit out of me when discussing her poor mommy. She needs to get over it, and accept the fact that Jeffrey isn’t going to apologize. Jeffrey didn’t handle the situation the best way, and his refusal to apologize probably had more to do with Angela then her mom. I found it quite amusing that Angela suggested that they could have been friends, had he apologized or treated her mother differently. I am sure everyone found that premise to be as laughable as I did.
  • I am surprised people didn’t rip on Jeffrey a little bit more.
  • I think it was funny that Vincent called everyone “amateur”, had the balls to own up to the statement and then tried to wiggle his way out of the comment using logicl only a crazy person could decipher
  • That brings me to my next point, Vincent really showed us bloggers didn’t he!!?? Who do we think we are writing all of these untruths about him!!! I should be ashamed of myself, as I am an owner of a “blogspot’. Here I fess up, here is what I have been saying about Vincent: “That guy Vincent is fucking crazy”, “Did you see PR last night? yea, Vincent’s dress was fucking ugly!”, “That Vincent is a tool”, “Vincent is fucking weird”, “Vincent is fucking crazy”, “Vincent’s dress was fucking ugly”, “Vincent is crazy as a loon”, “Vincent’s designing is just fucking ugly”, & “um yea Vincent is fucking crazy”.

Yep, I gotta give it to the guy he really did his best to prove me wrong:

Exhibit A: his over use of the phrase “Turns Me On” creeps me out, so much so that the video montage on last nights reunion show gave me nightmares. you think i’m kidding but i’m not.

Exhibit B: Vincent goes off on Production about the laundry they had the courtesy of doing for him

Exhibit C: Vincent goes off on Bravo, PR Production, Tim Gunn, Bloggers, and the other designers on the Show, essentially committed public relations suicide in one swift motion!

Check out the after the Reunion Special Video Rant by Vincent

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