Project Runway got off to an interesting start this season. In Previous seasons the first challenge was to create a garment using unconventional items (ie things found in a grocery store etc), but this time the designers were given a vast amount of fine fabrics to choose from. The designers raced across Bryant Park to fight it out over the donated fabrics from Mood. Interestingly enough no one complained over the selection (there was a comment about missing out on a plaid fabric) or duked it out. I did feel bad for the big guy Chris, it was painful seeing him try to run across the park, but he took it like a champ, and it made me INSTANTLY like him.  

It was interesting getting a sneak peak at the personalities.  The women seem like they are an eccentric bunch. At least comparatively the men seem to be more straight-laced than the ladies. Of course, time will tell.  I have yet to choose a favorite designer of the season, there were more dresses I didn’t like than ones I did, so ultimately there was much left to be desired with the current cast.

Of course the winner and the aufed designer canceled each other out for me in the fantasy project runway, Rami’s simple beautifully draped design won, and Simone’s mismatched, poorly constructed disaster got her sent home.  I wasn’t wowed by Rami’s design, but it was well done and therefore I can’t argue the decision. Simone’s dress was bad, but it wasn’t as bad as the blue horror show Elisa sent down the runway:

Sure, she took a risk and tried something different but the girl couldn’t WALK in the dress and the train was so heavy it nearly pulled the dress off the poor girl. She is lucky she didn’t fall on her face!  Christian is shaping up to be the diva of the show. He is a bit catty & even a little full of himself, but while I wasn’t enthralled with his fabric choices, I thought the silhouette of his design was the most interesting of all of the designers.

Victorya, pretty dress could very likely see myself wearing this, Ricky’s dress is pretty, but the baby doll lingerie as evening wear look was tired before it began.  

Marion is lucky she didn’t go home for this train wreck, Steven may be last season’s “Laura”

Kit Pistol’s dress  would land anyone on Go Fug Yourself in a heartbeat (maybe because your heart, not to mention your breast is exposed), Carmen’s design was kind of cool, but also kind of ugly.

Sweet P a cute holiday dress  , Jillian a bit too orange and a bit too poufy for my taste, the skirt reminded me of Angela’s balloon skirt disasters from a previous season.

Jack’s dress looks like something you can buy at Forever 21.

Kevin’s dress was interesting but looked odd on the runway, the silver looked like she was wearing some sort of armor, Chris’s dress was glam, loved the color.  

Watch Simone’s exit interview here:

It always sucks to be the first to go, but it has to be someone. Good luck Simone!!!

Hopefully, there will be some more interesting designs next week, and from the previews there will be some drama too (group challenges are good for that!)

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