The Challenge: The designers were taken, unbeknownst to them, to the Waste Management Recycle America in Port Newark, NJ where they were greeted with piles & piles of sorted recycling items (paper, plastic, & metal). They were then told that they would have 30 minutes to scour the piles, and collect materials that they would use to create their garments. The designers were not limited as to what materials collect, but were advised to collect materials that would aid them in the construction of a wearable outfit. Once they returned to Manhattan, the took a trip to Lees Art Shop with $25 in hand to score some extra materials that would further aid them in designing their garments.

The designers first seeing their surprise in New Jersey:

Tim looking so ridiculous in his protective gear!!!:

Michael is IN & will have immunity next challenge:
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Michael has yet to embarrass himself, I loved the gold corset top, and I like how he draped the plastic wrap. He used a vinyl-coated burlap peanut sack for the skirt, and the reverse side of the peanut sack to create the bustier top, he then used a clear plastic bag as a shrug. It was very elegant and glamorous, but I was surprised he won over Jeffrey…Jeffrey’s was different, moved better, and looked as though it required more work.

Alison is OUT:
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This is TRAGIC, I am so angry over the judges decision to send her home. I knew the minute that Heidi referred to the model as a “fat Minnie mouse” I am consumed with anger and disappointment for a number of reasons.
NUMBER 1: this was not the worst dress on the runway
2: Alison has WAY more potential & talent than Vincent or Angela!
3: The judges complaints had more to do with her model’s hair, and size than the actual dress. Sure, the dress wasn’t the most flattering thing in the world, but Kayne, Angela, and Vincent all dropped the ball on this challenge. Vincent’s model couldn’t walk, the dress was a horror show. Kayne’s dress was awful and his model looked as though she went dumpster diving herself in that dress/hair/makeup combo Alison changed the direction of her design mid challenge, and decided to create the garment out of plain, flat pages of yellow paper. She sculpted, and folded the paper to create it. Her model is apparently considered to be “plus-size”…the accuracy of this I’m not so sure…she certainly is bigger than the other models by comparison but I highly doubt she is truly “plus size”
4: she is pretty, sweet, and blonde, therefore, I love her, and I’m pissed she is gone

on a good note: Alison Kelly’s new line S/S 07 will be available exclusively @ next month according to her website check her out on myspace

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the back of the dress:

Laura made a simple white mini-dress with a plunging neckline. wow. big surprise. she used a vinyl-coated burlap peanut sack and manipulated the sack’s label with pleats so that it read, “FOR NUTS ONLY” across the back of the skirt. This I found to be the only interesting part of her dress. Celebrity fashion stylist & guest judge, Rachel Zoe, seemed to agree because she just loved Laura’s creation. the flower was great, and it is clear that she designs for her own nutty self. now, isn’t it interesting how Laura is turning out to be a mega bitch. Vincent told her to shove Harry Winston’s up her nose…not her ass…her nose. it was funny, but it just goes to show you how crazy he really is.

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Kayne also changed directions mid challenge at the urging of Tim. The project was going horribly wrong due to a combination of poor time management & even worse judgment.
He started out with a paper bustier with back lacing & a mylar bow in the back with a full length skirt with plastic bottle caps that were embellished with green paint were randomly glued to the skirt. Tim advised him to lose the skirt all together, so he ended up with the same top with a shorter paper & mylar skirt. It was better but not by much. Michael Kors defended him saying although he had a lapse in taste & judgment he knows how to make clothes. Kors was his runway angel…he is still in.

don’t they look like long lost dumpster diving siblings??

Angela’s design:

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this was created by applying mylar over cardboard and then affixed woven magazine covers onto the panels. mylar was also used to hold the panels together. this outfit did not move at all…it honestly reminded me of Bradley’s Cher from last week. this was terrible. how she escaped a serious ripping from the judges is beyond me.


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this dress is a horror show. there is not a single thing positive about this dress. she couldn’t walk in this dress. it looks as though he draped poster board on his model, sprayed adhesive on her and threw whatever scraps on the dress so whatever stuck, stayed put wherever it landed. he is so crazy….he kept saying the dress turned him on. this poor model, I’m sure she was skeeved out by him.

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Jeffrey created this dress by pleating newspapers to create a top and then applied flat pieces of newspaper to muslin to create the skirt. he then painted the dress…creating the illusion of the belt. His dress was well executed and original. The colors could have been better, but he took a chance and it paid off. the garment fit well and she could walk. it really did look like fabric. The dress wasn’t my favorite, but I felt he should have won the challenge for his execution and creativity.

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This dress was made exclusively out of mylar. It was perfectly constructed, but reminded me of someone wrapping themselves in aluminum foil or those sun reflectors on the beach. It was definitely not boring…the model even did a cute little pose on the runway. I loved the bottom of the skirt and the bow detail.

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Uli created a short mini strapless gown using paper and mylar. for the skirt she wove the mylar & paper…it was so well done & pretty. the bust of the dress didn’t really move well. I think that had she altered these materials on the top a little better, she would have won or at least beat Laura into the top 3 for this episode.

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