So far this season of project runway is lacking a wow factor for me. I can honestly say that I was bored out of my mind this episode! With the designs, the lack of drama, and even the challenge. Has PR lost it? I found myself more enthralled with addressing my christmas cards than watching the episode.

Jillian won, Chris was auf’d. I’m sad because Chris seemed like one of the more interesting characters? I know his design and his group was bad, but I thought Steven’s was worse, and I don’t “GET” Steven at all. He is stiff & odd on camera.

{designs l to r} Chris, Steven, Sweet P (leader: Chris, trends: shoulder pads, baggy sweaters and dancewear)

Christian really wanted to win this challenge, but he came in second with his group. I thought they had the most difficult trends to work with and they did a great job with it. They were simply outshined on the runway. Also, I might stab my television screen if Christian says “Fierce” one more time.

{designs l to r} Christian, Kit, Jack (leader: Christian, pleather, the zoot suit, and fringe.)

Ricky & Victorya did not mesh well at all and as a result both of their designs suffered. Elisa’s design is the most wearable. I actually love it. But even she said it doesn’t look like something she would normally design! Ricky’s design had potential but it was poorly contructed, and Victorya’s design looked like something Sasha Cohen could be wearing!

{designs l to r} Ricky, Elisa, Victorya (leader: Ricky, trends: Underwear as outerwear, neon, & Cutouts)

Jillian oversaw a collection that reflects her personal style. Their collection was cohesive, fun, and very now. I could totally see girls in nyc wearing these designs today. Yep even the overall meets jumper ensemble. Hell, Jillian would wear it and I kind of like her for it. I liked Rami’s design…although I didn’t like the country bumpkin floral fabric of the blouse…but had the blouse been a different color I would of loved his design.

{designs l to r} Jillian, Kevin, Rami (team leader: Jillian, trends: overalls, poodle skirt, and ’70s flares)

Overall, I can sum up my response to the episode in one word: “Yawn”.
Watch Chris’s exit interview here:

Project Runway airs on Bravo Wednesday nights at 10pm EST

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