The Challenge: to create a three-piece look for INC (International Concepts), Macy’s largest private label brand. Mehmet Tangoren, Vice President of Contemporary Sportswear for Macy’s was the guest judge. The designers once again presented their sketches and four team leaders were picked: Keith, Angela, Robert, & Bonnie.

the teams were as follows:
Angela: Michael & Laura
Keith: Alison & Jeffrey
Robert: Vincent & Kayne
Bonnie: Bradley & Uli

Angela won thanks to Michael & Laura reigning her in.

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read the new york time’s article: “blame the rosettes”

watch the today show commentary here

Alison (who is just a doll if you ask me) & Jeffrey executed Keith’s design fabulously despite being a man down (please see below for my thoughts on Keith’s departure):

in the end it was probably a little too modern and edgy for INC, but a fantastic design nonetheless. it was my favorite design.

Bonnie is OUT:

this was so blah and ugly. what girl wants to wear a pink turtle neck & wool crepe pants up to her boobs??! no girl i know!

robert, robert, robert…

nooo i love robert, but the slit in the back was all wrong. i was disappointed but he will bounce back.

Next challenge I call that the fabulous Michael wins and Vincent will finally be out. Oh and THANK GOD Michael Kors is going to be back, because Vera Wang, while I love her dearly, is such a BORE as a judge compared to Michael Kors!

Keith Michael’s Immediate Dismissal:

left: keith(middle) leading his team of alison & jeffrey right: keith’s pattern making books in the project runway apartments

although he is very talented, keith became the first designer to be ejected for breaking the rules. he was found in possession of pattern-making books, and apparently was MIA from the Project Runway production area to use the internet. these are clear violations of his contract with Project Runway. (
check out the 21 page project runway application)

i must admit that i was a little surprised that they didn’t simply ask him to get rid of the books, but even without seeing the legal contracts the designers have signed i think they made the right decision. this is a high stakes competition that should be based on talent and design aesthetics…sure charm, work ethic, & experience help, but the bottom line is the ultimate winner should be deserving of the title, and should not be able to use external sources. keith is clearly the type of person that likes to bend the rules. bending the rules to score a small discount at mood to make your budget is one thing, but disregarding the rules all together is a whole separate set of issues. i am sure the other designers were happy to see him go– some purely for competition reasons, some because he is a pompous ass, and of course others for both reasons.

i was surprised that keith’s “sketches” weren’t brought up during the episode given that there has been so much fuss about them. according to tim gunn’s blog the sketchbook was a “non-issue” and it is as keith keeps insisting the “sketchbook” was merely for research and inspiration, and that it isn’t unusual for designers to possess such a book. to be honest, i am sure many designers do have inspiration/research books, but i wonder if they actually go through the effort of actually photoshoping the runway photos of other designers’ Spring 2006 collections…if merely for inspiration why try to alter the photos at all?

Keith’s sketch (l) and Giambattista Valli Spring 2006 runway photo (r)

Keith’s sketch (l) and Lacoste Spring 2006 runway photo (r)

Keith’s sketch (l) and Marni Spring 2006 runway photo (r)

here is what keith had to say about the above sketches.)

you have to admit his behavior is more than suspicious. photoshopped sketches, pattern making books, internet usage, and then there is his comment in his exit interview “i had a few more tricks up my sleeve” –wow! he needs a pr advisor STAT…what a horrible choice of words.

regardless, i will be looking forward to next weeks episode even though they have lost a talented designer and all of the entertaining drama that he gave the show! i am confident that this will be a more honest competition.

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