The Challenge: to a look for a hip, international jet setter; their models: themselves

The designers were given 15 minutes to sketch & a budget of $75.

Francisco Costa, creative director of Calvin Klein Women & Catherine Malandrino were the guest judges for this challenge. After the runway show, the designers were sent to the airport, had to travel in their designs to Paris, and did another mini runway show @ Parsons Paris for Catherine. Catherine added her scores to the original New York runway scores and the winners/losers were announced. The next challenge will be in Paris it seems!!!

Jeffrey Wins:

Rockstar all the way. Heidi was right this look did look expensive. This was incredibly ambitious, well tailored, the look fit his personality & personal style, and most importantly this look translates to a number of different locations– that is if you’re a rocker. It was nice to see him finally beat Michael, but then again the win only feeds his ego.

Time to Celebrate Angela is OUT!

This outfit was hideous. She was unable to think this design out through the end. Did she even think about traveling in the outfit?? I don’t know what she was thinking when she chose this fabric. It was incredibly wrinkled already on the runway. She even commented that her own design was uncomfortable to walk down the runway! Imagine how uncomfortable she must have been on the flight to Paris?!

There is no doubt that Angela has a point of view. Her point of view is the problem…a big problem. Her signatures are pure over embellishments. I can also confidently express that she has next to zero personal style. In this challenge her inability to think forward and really imagine her design being worn by an international jetsetter hurt her. Sure the girl can sew, but who cares when you can’t put a single look that has an ounce of style. Her signature touches made me want to gag…Honestly, if someone gave me that to wear I think I would throw up on them. I don’t even want to think about what a collection of her clothes might look like.

Michael Staying Cool in Seersucker:

When I first saw this on the runway I didn’t realize the pants were seersucker, but I like it so much more that it is. He is so talented, so nice, and he has great personal style. This had white party written all over it. He is going to win this thing.

Laura playing sophisticate:

Laura created a simple cocktail dress. It was chic, well made, and perfect for the challenge. But I can’t help but think that the judges are contradicting themselves a bit for ripping on Uli and others for sending the same stuff down the runway time and time again. This is a lovely dress, I would wear it, but I don’t think Laura has the range to win Project Runway.

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Uli ran into trouble here because of the dress’s tropical locale limitations. They also expressed concern that they have seen this style, this point of view too many times. Hopefully, she too can begin to show some range. I think she has the ability to move beyond a resort wear collection. I must say that them showing during Spring 2007 would play in her favor though.

Vincent plays it safe even with immunity:
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At the beginning of the episode I anticipated that the guys would have trouble with the challenge, as most of them focus on women’s wear. I was wrong, they didn’t have trouble, but Vincent had to use his own pants as a pattern or “rub off” to create these. I thought the V-neck looked unfinished, and had a “d.i.y.” look. The sweater combined the looks of a sweatshirt you would cut up and a classic roll neck sweater. It was just blah. Personally, when I think of an international jetsetter I think of a more crisp & tailored look. The flip flops & sloppy sweater is just another everyday traveler. There was nothing smart or innovative about his design. In my minde the designers should use their immunity to push their point of view and skills as their designer. In Vincent’s case, we, the viewers, need him to do that. He still hasn’t proven himself as a designer even when taking into account his win last week. As far as I am concerned last week’s win was a fluke.

Kayne dressing himself up as Elvis:
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unless you’re jetsetting to Graceland, you won’t be wearing this. The print on the back of the shirt was too Garth Brooks for me & the “Kayne” belt was a little too “Boy Toy”. However, I really like Kayne’s personality and I wanted him to stay.

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