There are four remaining designers, Jeffrey, Uli, Laura, and fan favorite Michael. This episode was really the show before THE SHOW (hence the part 1) as it was all about bringing us up to date on each designer’s progress. The designers started piecing together their collections for New York’s Olympus Fashion Week Spring 2007 in the comfort of their homes. Tim Gunn made the trip to each designer’s home & design studio to give feedback to the designers, and have some one on one time with the designer’s and their families. This is my favorite part, because it offers a rare peek into the designer’s personal life which in turn allows us insight into their designing philosophy & inspirations.

There were no surprises with Uli…she lives in a fabulous condo overlooking Miami Beach. She said her inspiration was “safari”, but I didn’t see a single “safari” piece in her collection…try “tropical vacation” and i’ll bite. Tim expressed concern that the judges might view her as a “one note” and I have expressed similar concerns via this blog. She doesn’t offer much variety in her designs. When a cold front is moving into New York, am I going to ask Uli to design for me? Yea, probably not, but this is spring 2007 so she might not run into too many road bumps because she has introduced some shorter cocktail length dresses into the mix! Now I can totally see some one wearing the short silver cocktail dress with the belt detail & key hole in new york. However, I believe she needs to move away from the tropics, not completely, but a I think a little diversity & versatility in her collections would help her out.

Laura is the ultimate sophisticate and this collection is no different than anything that she has done before. An evening collection is what she is giving us, and while it is good to stick with your guns, and what you are good at risk is what is going to help you win. I really love her detailing, and her slight introduction of color. I think the green piece that is her version of risk was so incredibly matronly. Her design philosophy is very structured, and her fit and tailoring is truly immecable. I love her designs because they look high end & well executed, but I would have liked to see more color, more cocktail length dresses, and ultimately more youthful designs…where is Alison Kelly when you need her!?

Also, I must say that her apartment is Ahmazing, huge, and just sick. It was fabulous. Her million little boys were cute, and how funny was it when the little one offered Tim Gunn turtle poop?! haha Oh and did you know Laura married Albert Einstein??!!! Well he looks just like this:

sorry, i couldn’t resist!

Michael is the fan favorite, and he just is so incredibly likeable on camera. His family seems like the sweetest people on the face of the earth, don’t they? I think it is fantastic that they are soooo supportive of him…he will undoubtedly have a HUGE cheering section next week at the show. With that said, he needs all the support he can get, because I am so disappointed with his designs. I don’t like what he is doing with the urban safari thing…this street style cocktail wear looks, as heidi would say, cheap. I guess it is all a matter of taste, but I really don’t care for this collection as it stands right now.

Jeffrey was the source of some controversy and suspicion during this episode. When Tim drove his red sports car ( a funny scene I must say, oh and don’t you just love the blatent product placement on this show!?) over to Jeffrey’s home we met Jeff’s woman and adorable son. They then swung over to Jeff’s workspace to take a peek at his designs. He probably had the most completed of all the designers, and his source of inspiration was not only the most unique, but it was also the most interesting. The designs were fun, youthful, and edgy…all that you would expect from jeffrey and more. The details were also very interesting. The problem with Jeffrey started once the designers were back in new york to fit models, and put on the finishing touches of their show. As the other designers were sewing & finishing away, Jeffrey was straight up chilling & talking about how he hadn’t slept for months finishing the collection, but now he was DONE…with everything. This was a thorn in Laura’s side and she had no problem voicing it to Michael & Uli…she found it odd that Jeffrey didn’t have a single alteration, hook, button, or hem to do, and thought that this was due to Jeffrey seeking outside help. She then took these suspicions to Tim Gunn. She told Jeffrey about her suspicions, and soon after Tim Gunn began asking him about the construction of specific garments in his collection, and whether he outsourced the sewing of the garments. Jeffrey answered that he did do all of the sewing etc., and that seemed to be the end of it until the previews for next weeks episode! Now, I really thought that it was in Laura’s competitive nature to try to find a reason why Jeffrey was finished and she wasn’t. It is only natural for others to speculate as to how you got ahead, so I believed Jeffrey when he said he didn’t have outside help. It is as Tim said he is innocent until proven guilty. But then why oh why did Bravo leave us with this horrible cliffhanger preview of next week’s final episode with Tim making an “unfortunate” announcement and then a clip of Jeffrey crying. I mean this is great TV but I hate cliffhangers!!! So what do you think? Did Jeffrey outsource his sewing? Is it just a case of the other designers shaking in their boots and feeling a little jealousy?? Leave comments, and let’s see how this unfolds next week on Wednesday 10/9 c on Bravo.

(please note: due to techinical difficulties this post was deleted, and i have been forced to repost a little late, but you know what they say….better late than never!)

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