The Challenge:
During this episode Heidi announces that the MODELS will be choosing their designer. The way it works, Heidi will draw a model’s name out of the hat and they choose their designer. Well, this is great for the models, that is unless your name doesn’t get drawn. I felt so terrible for the two girls who were outted simply because of luck! The challenge is to create a modernized look based on a fashion icon. Again the MODELS are too choose one fashion icon for their designer…Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, Madonna, Cher, Farah Fawcett*, Diana Ross, Pam Grier, Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, & Jackie O. The designers have no control over their models, or their fashion icon, so of course they have cause for concern instantly. The models clawed & tackled eachother to get their icons. Bradley’s model was the last to choose…she was stuck with Cher. Angela, Michael, Kayne, were among the designers who were BEYOND thrilled with their model’s choices. Angela got Audrey Hepburn, Michael: Pam Grier, & Kayne: Marilyn Monroe. I thought each one fit perfectly, I right off the bat said Michael would win (I called it last week) because he was simply DUE for a win. He has gotten this far without embarrassing himself, and for this challenge he had 2 aces: the perfect model & the perfect icon. I didn’t understand why Angela was so excited about Audrey Hepburn…to me Audrey Hepburn is all about understated glamour, & elegance, and Angela is just not, I attributed last weeks win to Michael & Laura, and was convinced that she would be a trainwreck.

I was SHOCKED that Alison did not know who Farah Fawcett was, and was instantly concerned for her. I read earlier that Alison was born in 1980, and many bloggers out there were attributing the fact that she didn’t know who she was because of her age. Honestly, that is some LAME reasoning. I was born in 1982 and despite never having to suffer from the feathered hair craze of the 70s I happen to know who Farah Fawcett is!!! I am sure Miss Alison is familar with a number of the other fashion icons despite the fact that they weren’t 80s & 90s icons.

The B is for BIATCH fest (Didn’t you just LOVE Angela’s T-shirt?)
So Angela apparently doesn’t know how to sew and broke Jeffrey’s machine…they were bickering and finally Laura jumped in. She turns from her sewing and spits, “”If you’re so f—in’ successful and you know so much, what are you doing here, Jeff?!” Jeffrey responds with ”God, I wish that f—in’ bitch would have a stroke.” Somehow I miscontrued that statement thinking he said something far worse, so naturally, I find this to be a perfectly reasonable response.

Judges note:
I am so happy that Michael Kors is back! Heidi wasn’t looking too hot in her runway outfits this episode, hopefully she will rebound next week. I can’t wait!

Now to the designs: Thankfully Kayne refrained from killing his annoying chatty model because he created an AHmazing Marilyn Monroe dress that he modernized with the use of leather. It was fabulously draped and upon seeing it on the runway I was sure that he was going to win.

I hate to say this, because I can’t STAND Angela on this show. I hate her personality, and I especially hate what she WEARS on the show, but she really proved herself as a designer during this episode. Her Audrey Hepburn dress was fabulous, I loved the textures & the details, and in fact I would LOVE to wear that dress. It was absolutely fabulous. I hope for her sake that she continues with these kinds of looks, and she really should try to incorporate all that into her own personal wardrobe because as of now, her personal style SUCKS!

Uli‘s Diana Ross purple & pink dress was well done, as was Laura‘s Katharine Hepburn number. Laura’s creation was sophisticated, wearable, but wow you call Robert boring??!!! In any event, I could totally see Laura wearing something like that. (she really should because I am getting so sick of looking at her man chest…seriously why flaunt cleavage you don’t have??!!)

I didn’t really see Madonna in Jeffrey‘s dress…I thought it was interesting…but a little too costumey. Regardless, he escaped any criticism.

Poor Robert! Even though I like him, I have come to the realization that picking him to win at the very beginning was a heavily biased decision on my part…it was really influenced by my love of Barbie. At this rate I am going to have to start preparing for his imminent departure from the show. I thought Jackie O would be the perfect icon for “Mattel” but he over thought it. In trying to change it up, he lost Jackie O in his burlap looking suit, and still managed to be boring. He should have went for color for this challenge! In the end he escaped the wrath of Heidi, but he needs something fabulous next round or he may be dunzo.

Vincent worked hard at creating one of the FUGLIEST dresses I’ve ever seen:
He too somehow escaped Heidi’s wrath, because Bradley’s Cher nightmare raged on:

I have no words for Bradley’s creation…the pants were simply every woman’s worst nightmare. That is two challenges in a row he had horrible pants going on!!! For that, he is OUT.

Michael won with his Pam Grier hot pink hot pants:

Although it is his first win as a sole designer, this isn’t his best work we’ve seen on the runway. Nevertheless, his hot pants were well tailored and his model rocked the look. He doesn’t get immunity for winning, instead he received a photo spread with his model in Elle for TRESemmé:

I am truly happy he won, because he truly was due for a win.

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  1. Haute Girl
    August 15, 2006 at 4:29 am (12 years ago)

    i too am happy michael won, but you’re right, he’s done better work that has been overlooked.