PR is headed down the final stretch as four designers remain. During model selection Uli throws a wrench into Michael’s game & chooses Nazri. Michael was visibly annoyed with her choice, his muse had escaped him, so he chose Clarissa.

The Challenge:
The designers are sent to meet nina garcia at the offices of elle. nina launches a presentation about the importance of fashion editorials blah blah blah & introduces Elle’s “First Look” page the mark of the beginning of the fashion section of the magazine. The First Look conveys a design point of view, and that is what the designers are seeking to achieve in this challenge…convey their own design perspective through and outfit of their choice with few limitations.
the requirements were to choose three words that describe their designer identity, and that their outfit must convey those words. Their designs should tell a story, and should allow us to have a peek into their prospective collection.

The winner of this challenge would have their design & model photographed by Giles Bensimon & would appear in Elle.

The designers were allowed 30 min. to sketch, $250, and 2 days to complete the challenge. Mid-Challenge it comes to their attention that their creation/sewing time would be cut short as they were to fit their models, and photograph them anywhere in NYC. The goal is to pitch what your Elle First Look pictorial would look like.

Heidi, in an attempt to cause panic, announced that two designers (not three) would be moving on to fashion week.

Teri Agins, lead fashion writer for The Wall Street Journal, sat in as the guest judge.

Uli Wins:

Uli struggled during this challenge & essentially wasted an entire day. She begin cutting up her creation, and seemingly had no direction, but she created a fun & gorgeous dress. I thought the fabric was ugly at first, and somehow she transformed it into something I would completely wear.

Uli’s three words were, “Fun, Life, and Adventure”, so it was fitting that Uli had photographed Nazri in the epicenter of NYC: Times Square.

No one is out!…What? All four are moving on to fashion week but deservedly so!


Jeffrey is so full of himself isn’t he? Well he just might be a tad over confident. I love that he is a risk taker and he is constantly trying to do something new or different. We need that on this show. I really liked the colors he chose, but wasn’t keen on the fabric choice (velvet & silk). I really liked the silloheute, but the judges weren’t too nice about it. Jeff’s words were: “Provocative, Irreverent, and Romantic” one out of three isn’t bad! 🙂


Poor Michael!!! If only Nazri was there…he seemed so lost! I hated this dress, but loved the color. The fit was way off, but this probably could have been remedied had he not wasted an entire day, figuring out his design path.


Ummm hello didn’t we just see this dress in black?! I don’t understand why she REFUSES to do anything different. Yea Yea Yea it is pretty, and it exudes “Glamour, Confidence, and Elegance” (her three words), but why oh why does she insist on being stuck in this “If it Isn’t Broke Don’t Fix It” Mode? I’m sorry, Laura, you are talented, but I’m OFFICIALLY BORED!

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  1. TessaJ
    October 1, 2006 at 6:32 pm (11 years ago)

    I haven’t been able to see the episode yet, but I heard all about it! I think Michael has a better chance of winning, even though I admire Jeffrey’s risk-taking and designs more. Laura — yeah, she makes great clothes, but it’s not very original; Uli, as much as I like her and think she has a solid sense of her own style, she just doesn’t interest me design-wise.

    Will have to avoid your blog as I can’t see the final episode until after-the-fact! (A friend Tivos it for me, and I get to see it when I get the time!)