The Challenge: to design an outfit inspired by “fashion’s hottest accessory”… much to their surprise this “accessory” turned out to be an adorable little dog! Each designer chose a dog that would serve not only as their muse, but also as their model! Each designer was required to create a corresponding doggie outfit for their womenswear design. The designers were instructed to tell a story about who the dog’s owner would be through their work. The designers were given a budget of $150 and were allowed 30 minutes to sketch.

Being a dog lover I was really excited for this challenge. I immediately started routing for Alison because she really got into the challenge. Right off the bat, you knew she had the best story.

Although, I admittedly loved Robert’s “story” about the Park Ave Princess that just entered rehab and needed someone to take care of her little dog. He is still my favorite person on the show! 🙂

In the end Uli & the adorable little Pug won…

the dress was surprisingly great and the little “HI LADIES” on the Pug’s sweater was just too funny. She had a great design, a good story, and her dog Charmed her across the finish line!

Poor Katherine is out:

it was a little blah, and it was poorly sewn so I can’t really disagree with the judges…

but I am a little pissed that Angela is still on the show with this horror show:

I hate to say it but Ivanka Trump (the guest judge) was right about this one being vulgar and inappropriate for it to be worn by someone running an art camp for 6-12 year olds. Give me a break. I don’t care if it was a well sewn… a well sewn piece of garbage is still garbage!

Alison’s design:

I wanted her to win because I think she honestly did the best at this challenge. It was modern, well designed, and her dog outfit was probably the best out of all of them (it was a white leather vest).

My man Robert’s design:

it was cute. his dog Chanel rocked! 🙂 He will need to be a little more cutting edge/modern to win this thing.


wow. I can’t believe he was able to eek this one out! I was sure his model & dog were going down the runway in their birthday suit. In any event he won over Nina. I felt bad for this poor bubbie (dog) he seemed so scared…he needed his mommy! 🙂 haha


Now isn’t he a major ass! His refusal to design something for the dog was ridiculous. If the judges had any balls at all they would have kicked him off the show, regardless of his fantastic dress.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode to see who is getting asked to leave…any guesses who “breaks the rules”??? I am thinking it is Keith.

worst design for next challenge: this is a toughie but i vote for vincent.

oh, here is a picture of Miss USA, Tara Conner, wearing the winning dress (designed by Keane) from last week’s episode during the Miss Universe pageant:

(photo from

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