I got a little caught up with the Thanksgiving holiday, so much so I have held off posting about the Sarah Jessica Parker Bitten episode of Project Runway. I was very surprised to see SJP on the episode, but it was a pleasant surprise. She is the biggest celebrity to be on the show as far as I can recall besides BARBIE of course (my favorite episode EVER!). (Nancy O’Dell & Nicky Hilton are C-list at best & don’t count). Sarah Jessica looked adorable on the episode and was uber-sweet to the designers, but maintained a professional composure. I mean just look at her:

(photo of Tim Gunn with Sarah Jessica Parker at Parsons)

DVDs & watch them from start to finish (did I go overkill on the Okay, so maybe her hands look HUGE there but the long hair is fabulous on her & makes her look young. To be perfectly honest the SJP PR episode made me want to pop in my SATCacronyms? :)). This small dosage of her was just short of completely erasing the image I have of her from the Family Stone as the unrelatable character, “Meredith”. I bring up the Family Stone only because it has been playing non-stop on HBO for the past YEAR and like a horrific train wreck I can’t bring myself to turn away, EVER. Thank you Project Runway for reminding me why I love Sarah Jessica Parker!! I know I went off on a tangent there because the Project Runway episode was not supposed to make me think about Sex & The City, it was supposed to make me excited about SJP’s line Bitten sold EXCLUSIVELY at STEVE & BARRY stores NATIONWIDE (are you EXCITED!??) SJP might be disappointed, but I am STILL not excited about her clothing line although it isn’t for lack of effort on their part. The designers were to create a two-piece look for Bitten’s fall/winter collection that could retail for less than $40, which translates to a $15 budget. The designers were given dossiers of the Bitten line to review, had 30 minutes to sketch & the looks had to be completed by midnight The designers then pitched their designs to Ms. Parker herself. SJP was receptive to all of the designers, and there were only a few awkward moments. Most of the designers were kind of starstruck & nervous, but the ones who maintained their composure got bonus points. SJP picked the seven designs she liked best and those designers in turn chose their design partner. The design duos broke down as follows (leader’s name first): Elisa and Sweet P, Kit and Chris, Victorya and Kevin, Marion and Steven, Ricky and Jack, Christian and Carmen, Rami and Jillian.

Victorya’s simple baby doll dress & vest was PERFECT for a mass-produced line so it was no surprise that her & Kevin came out on top:

The Bitten interpretation of Victorya’s dress will be offered in black or burgundy for $19.98, and the vest that goes with it will come in gray or black for $14.98. Victorya’s original dress will be on display at Steve & Barry’s flagship Manhattan store for several weeks.

Elisa and Sweet P surprised the pants off of me. Elisa is from another planet with her hand stitching & spit marking ways, but somehow her cape & dress came together. I WANT that cape (maybe in a different color) and the dress was quite pretty. I don’t see how Elisa will stay around for long if she refuses to use a sewing machine, but she surprised me once I wouldn’t put it past her to do it again.

Marion and Steven, and Christian and Carmen ended up in the bottom two. I was so surprised that Christian & Carmen were in the bottom because A) I think they are both incredibly talented & B) when Carmen was modeling the jacket in the workroom at Parsons it looked HOT! They ran into trouble because of the electric blue skin tight dress. On the runway it SCREAMED eighties. It was a dangerous misstep, and Christian was flirting with fire by acting so defiant on the runway, but I would be surprised again if they both didn’t redeem themselves next episode. I hated Marion & Steven’s design. It was everything the judges said it was. It was a see through dirty rag end of story.

Kit and Chris designed a very safe “French” look, while Rami & Jillian went with an equally safe look that included a black belted kimono-sleeved shirt dress with black leggings. Both might have to kick their love for leggings before fashion bloggers everywhere cut out their eyeballs.

Ricky & Jack created an adorable pink dress with ruched peasant top and dark leather braided belt. Once again the design wasn’t particularly innovative but I give them a plus for using a different color.

In the end we bid farewell to Marion, who looked the part of a sad sad Oliver Twist. It is always unfortunate when someone leaves without giving you a distinct idea as to what their talents or design aesthetic is so in that sense I was sad to see him go.
Watch his exit interview here:

Victorya’s design is currently in Steve & Barry stores now, so check it out, and report back!

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