Even though it feels like New York Fashion week took place months ago, the Project Runway finale has just now aired. What can I say–I’m impatient!! This season was definitely a fun ride! While Jerrell was my favorite personality on the show this season, I was thrilled that female designers reigned supreme in the end.

Meet the three finalists:

Kenley Collins, is probably the most disliked finalist since Wendy Pepper, but I liked her despite all her of antics because A) I think she is adorable & B) Her designs are sort of cute (and really well made). Korto Momolu, has one of the more interesting bios as she is a native of Liberia, attended fashion school in Canada, and currently lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. The fans wanted to root for her partly because of her story and partly for her unique perspective. LeAnne Marshall, has a geeky charm about her that is irresistible. It has been clear from the beginning that this girl takes direction well. She listened to the comments, and Tim Gunn’s critiques and it paid off for her. Had Kenley taken some notes from LeAnne’s playbook we may have had a different outcome. With that said, LeAnne’s orgami inspired folds give her designs a sculptural quality that is certainly nothing to scoff at (but more on that in a bit).

First we have the third place winning collection designed by Kenley Collins:
kenley looks

This retro-inspired collection was voluminous, full of color, cute, charming, and well made. The hand-painted pieces were gorgeous, I loved the high-collared green blouse, and although every look was a dress she offered a range of silloheutes. I have to say I ADORE Kenley’s wedding dress…


Watch Kenley’s looks on the runway:

Korto Momolu

Korto showed a collection full of simply cut dresses in bright nature-inspired hues. Grass green, sunflower yellow, aqua, and taupe. I found her mini-dresses to be her more successful looks. The yellow, printed, & green mini (modeled by ANTM alum Danielle) were my favorites. In the end, she should have stuck to dresses (those white pants were horrible!) and added in more prints!

Watch Korto’s runway show (psst her daughter is soo adorable!):

The Project Runway 5 Queen, LeAnne Marshall:


LeAnne’s collection was inspired by the waves of the ocean, so she stuck to a pallet of white, beige, aqua, and sea foam. Structurally, her pieces were amazing–the way they move on the runway is just stunning. From pants, shorts, mini skirts, to ethereal gowns her collection was extremely well rounded, and yet somehow you are left with a feeling that you’ve seen everything there is to see. Hopefully miss LeAnne will prove me wrong–she certainly has the talent to take her orgami folds, pleats, and flowers to a new level and I really, really, hope she does!

Watch the Project Runway Winner, LeAnne Marshall, send her looks down the runway:

Congrats to LeAnne & all of the P.R. designers for a job well done!

Watch the designer’s exit interviews after the jump:

Kenley’s exit interview:

Korto’s exit interview:

LeAnne’s exit interview pt 1:

LeAnne’s exit interview pt 2:

{runway images via New York Magazine}

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