so, i have to work this weekend because i have these important meetings coming up that my professional life is depending on. but, as my lovely boyfriend put it i should look on the bright side because, “it’s not like you’re aboard a ship who’s captain, upon seeing the iceberg up ahead, jumped into his little dingy and started paddling away or anything! see, things could be worse!” oh wait, did my boss just leave the country for 3 weeks? um yeaaaa, i guess things are looking as good for me as they were for the titantic. so bear with me as i take a break from officially freaking out & share with you a little celebrity look-alike fun. (nevermind the fact that i need help with my time management skills.)

70% match with playmate Victoria Silvstedt (okay I had to google her (image searching her is far more interesting) becauseI had no idea who she was). How funny is that!? Please ignore the fact that i got a bunch of B-listers(at best) and people with weird noses (ahem Sarah Michelle Gellar) I was also half expecting to pull up a match with Janeane Garofalo, but I was thankful she wasn’t in my top 60%

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