• For those of you who don’t know, Blogger recently upgraded their software & I am still getting used to the new Blogger beta. It is a bit of a pain to log in, but from what i can tell is far superior to the old Blogger program. I highly reccommend it to those bloggers out there that were relunctant about making the switch.

  • I am especially glad I made the switch BEFORE fashion week. I am also loving the Coutorture media fashion week videos. It is because of Julie & Phil’s hardwork that I can offer you access to fashion week coverage & photos without the threat of cease & desist letters. They are doing a fantastic job of making a fashion blogger’s life easier, and you know it is always good to avoid getting sued!

  • Enough about me, watch Julie’s interview with the Sartorialist in Bryant Park:

(video: http://coutorture.com/videos)

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