i just arrived back in new york after a trip to my home state for my cousin’s wedding, i picked up miss sophie from her dogsitting friends, and now i have been BURIED in WORK! yes, i actually have a JOB! i know my friends sometimes wonder if i ever work, but i can now wave my overtime checks under their noses, or that fabulous fall bag i plan on purchasing!!!
i don’t think i have been this busy since the college years, so please be patient with me and my infrequent updates. i have a serious case of work overload & it is crunch time. thankfully, i’m not STRESSED…yet, but i might be on the brink of experiencing a quarter life crisis. All this work and no play is aging me by the minute! I have never imagined myself older than age 24…i know it is crazy, but it is the truth! i will be 25 in january and i can’t stop thinking about it! i’m not quite there, and i think a glamourous birthday celebration may help me escape the birthday blues.
here are a few photos i took while i was hanging out with my nephew justin (who will be 2 in October) & his sister jaelin (who will be 9 months next month):

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