I‘m completely obsessed with M.A.C.’s Overrich Pigments!! The colors are gorgeous, and the formula is ultra smooth making it easy to blend & apply. I recently picked up the pigments in Copperbeam & Antique Green, two hues I think are perfect for fall! Check out my photos below:

I also put Mauvement, Vintage Gold, & Blonde’s Gold on order. I adore all of the colors, so I couldn’t stop at just the two! Purchase your Overrich pigments for $19.50 @ M.A.C.

P.S. I do however feel a little bummed that my containers were not filled to the brim, which I am accustomed too judging from my other M.A.C. pigment purchases, but that all has to do with M.A.C.’s pigment density rule–a rule I relunctantly accept.

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