TGIF! I finally feel like my life has returned to normalcy after a long break away from the big apple! Where was I? IOWA! A place I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing about by now!! It was really crazy being back there during peak campaign season…the Des Moines airport was especially busy, my local high school was full of Obama supporters, there were Clinton sightings (Chelsea…grabbing some Starbucks perhaps?) at my local grocery store. Edwards has practically lived in my hometown since the last election so I’m not surprised he came in second. Looking at the County breakdown was also really interesting, but that I suppose that is only useful to those of us who are familiar with the demographics of each county. It really was anyone’s game but Huck & OBAM(!)A came out victorious. Poor Hillary came in 3rd & what happened to Romney? My grandfather is sure to be disappointed today…he is a die hard Romney guy it seems. Things are sure to get interesting in New Hampshire. I predict an Obama/Romney victory. I know Clinton is leading in the polls, but I think Obama’s empassioned speech after the Iowa Caucus will inspire some New England liberals to go support their man! Huckabee is sure to not fare so well in New Hampshire. Plus he has no money! McCain MIGHT still have a shot in New Hampshire but he did so poorly in Iowa I predict he comes in second at best. I love politics, but enough about that because as I stated BEFORE everyone is sick of hearing about it, but I couldn’t resist throwing my hat in the convo. It is the talk of the day after all…other than Britney Hostage Situation (a/k/a Hostage Brituation ’08) of course! Another day, another drama…Miss Bad Media Karma (oops!) did it again.

Iowa was ridiculously cold, about what it was like yesterday when I decided it would be a good idea to wake up at the crack of dawn, head to nintendo world to try to score myself a nintendo wii. (the system is sold out everywhere & only available sometime in late jan/early feb if you are willing to shell out $700 for a bundle of games & accessories you don’t want) I walked past and saw a bunch of people camping out in their cars in front of the store so I headed over to the 24 hours apple store to bide some time. At 5:30 I stopped at Starbucks and then headed back to Nintendo World. When I arrived there were about 5 people in front of me. Being the ultimate competitor I was determined to wait it out and endure the cold. I tried to mentally prepare by telling myself that all those winters I spent in Chicago were TRAINING for this final event (that is waiting in 15 degree weather for 3 hours for a video game console!). I’m crazy, I know, but 1)I am not the only person crazy for the Wii…the line quickly stretched down the entire avenue to 6th! & 2) I became completely obsessed with the Wii when I was home in Iowa playing my younger sister’s wii non-stop! (She bought hers shortly after the Wii was released so she was lucky enough to avoid the seasonal wii shortage problem! She also has the DS which is also sold out everywhere.) What amazed me was how many wiis the nintendo world store had! They easily had well over 100 systems there, but when we asked how many systems they had, they claimed not to know. For some reason they aren’t telling. Every morning they have over 100 at that one store, so it is clear the shortage isn’t due to any production problems. Last night we had caucus coverage on one tv & wii sports on the other. So far I LOVE playing Wii tennis, I really enjoy the track & swimming events on Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, and I can’t wait to play more of Super Mario Galaxy & Zelda!

Other than playing the Wii non-stop for the past two weeks, I got to spend some quality time with my family! The pencil portraits I drew for my brother & his wife and for my boyfriend’s mom were well received. (they are pictured below)
my brother’s trio:

my boyfriend’s niece & nephews:

While I didn’t draw much while I was home, I did snap some cute pics of the kids in my family! There were plenty of opportunities for me to get good shots of the kids because on top of Christmas, we also had a joint birthday party for my niece & nephew. Jeremy turned 1 on December 29th, and his big sister Jaelin is 2 years old TODAY! (Happy Birthday Princess!) Here are a few of my favorite photos I snapped while in Iowa:

Child's Play Collage

1. (My niece)Jaelin on her 2nd birthday, 2. (My cousin’s little girl)Tatum in her Christmas Dress, 3. (My 3 year old nephew) Justin, 4. (My nephew) Jeremy With His First Birthday Balloon

Now, I will leave you with this shot of a snowy Iowa sunset I took just on the edge of my hometown.
Iowa sunset
I promise I will return to my typical fashion, shopping, design coverage! Unfortunately, I can’t promise I won’t talk about the latest developments on our favorite popwreckage! You know you love it!

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