admittedly, slogan tees are a bit tired, but as a girl who has struggled with the fair hair/fair skin combination all her life i am all for this campaign. i am forever being nagged about sunscreen by random people for the simple fact that i am pale. meanwhile my friends who are visibly addicted to tanning sit on the beach smearing gallons of oil on their skin and strategically position sun reflectors all to enhance their golden glow, and yet they seem to escape all lectures about the adverse health effects of sun exposure. life just isn’t fair. i don’t enjoy sunburns, i don’t think i’ve been “tan” in my entire life, i wear sunscreen every day, and while i appreciate everyone’s concern, there is really no need to worry.

i have suffered from two minor sunburns this summer and it was not fun, so i am all for the pale, anti-tanning campaign because if pale is in fact the new tan, i’m so hot right now!!

pale is the new tan t-shirt for neutrogena $25 @

Neutrogena will donate $3 to the American Cancer Society for every T-shirt sold!!

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