see i have changed my ways! well, it is a step in the right direction at least!! my latest blog entry:


so, what have i been up to you ask? well, to put it simply…nothing. lets be honest, that doesn’t really make for an interesting blog does it?! so, i’ll give it to you straight! 😉

i’ve been pretty moody lately, but it could have something to do with the fact that it is raining right now in nyc!!! i hate the f*cking rain! since it is raining, i have been confined to my desk. being at desk all day without Ms. Pacman*=not fun. it has been fairly slow at work, but not to the point where i am contemplating bringing in a PSP to play the new Grand Theft Auto game**…oh wait, i guess it has come to that! however, if i’m too broke to buy the PSP i am definitely too broke to get fired for playing it!

onward to plan b.

i checked my email today, and there was an email from oprah. no, i’m not trying to big time you, well maybe i am. anyways, oprah… yea so she didn’t have much to say, (surprisingly) but i did join her book club today (she was practically begging). i mean, i was bored and i’m an avid reader so i thought, “yea, i will totally do it”***. i went and joined a book club for 18-24 year olds on the oprah site. oh, big surprise, there was no discussion whatsoever!! i have even read the current book, A Million Little Pieces, so i was really excited to start discussing it! i loved both, A Million Little Pieces, and My Friend Leonard. both books are amazing, and i really wanted to delve into the discussion. i thought that it would be interesting to see what people my own age thought of the book. but, then there on the oprah site the truth hit me like a truckload of bricks: people my age go to clubs, as in nightclubs, they don’t go book clubs!! they definitely avoid online oprah style book clubs. it isn’t that they don’t read, they do, but they certainly have more going on in their lives than a stupid book club. that is when the realization hit me: i am a 23 year old loser!!! see, thanks OPRAH!!! now that really puts me in bad mood!!!

i used to be cool. right? what, once you get into the professional workforce you become the definition of a nerdlinger? apparently so. shit, i’m a nerdlinger. not just like the time where i pretended to be friends with the nerdlingers so i could get a good grade in econometrics, like a professional, badgewearing, cardcarrying nerdlinger. that’s me a professional nerdlinger.

asterick denotes footnotes****:

*like @ CB (but don’t get me wrong i don’t miss in the least!)
**Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is being released exclusively for PSP in October…bitches!! PS2 por favor!
***yes, i really do think “valleygirlesque” phrases in my head ok!!? …JEALOUS!!??
****only badass bloggers have footnotes! yea i’m cool. oh shit! or is that only nerdlinger bloggers have footnotes?

i really admire the committed bloggers out there. i, clearly, have been neglecting this page. not that anyone reads it… …well, that’s not the point. the point is i’ve been slacking on my blogging and i owe my imaginary readers an appology. among other things, i have been distracted by the enticing television premiere lineups and organizing my itunes library…an ongoing struggle. so, i thought, you know i never have anything interesting going on in my life so i should just write about how boring my life is. maybe, that will make it more intriguing?!?!? yes! why should i head in an alternate direction now? this blog was created out of boredom, and i know as well as anyone that in order to keep it real you have to remember your roots. right?! so there you have it my commitment to you (hello, in writing!) that no matter how boring my life is…i’m going to tell you all about it!…lucky you…happy reading! luawgbl.

about the platinum blonde life blog…how it all began!

i was inspired to write the platinum blonde life blog upon moving from chicago to the fabulous city that is nyc. while this blog lacks a central theme, it revolves around fashion, art, nyc events, and of course shopping! these are all the things i love. my personal goal as a 24 year old who has recently entered the “real world” and just so happens to reside in ny, is to live as fabulously as possible! ( i mean, we all know i’m no carrie bradshaw, but a girl always needs something to aspire too and a closet full of fabulous shoes can’t be THAT bad if you ask me.)

i love hearing from all of you. so please take the time to shoot me a quick email, or post a comment. it makes my day everytime! (even if you totally disagree with me)!
if you would like to guest blog email me! also, if you link to my fabulous blog i just might transform into a giddy school girl!

this site just made me laugh hysterically:
my sweet pee

this product was designed to allow women to urinate while standing up, thereby eliminating unsanitary public bathroom situations. i thought it made for a good laugh. well, maybe it will come in handy sometime at a bar. come to think of it, i don’t know how reliable this apparatus would be in a drunken state. however, if you’re interested give it a try and report back. apparantly it is easy to transport, so happy peeing! hahaha. luawgbl.

first name basis

i have been in new york for awhile now and i can say quite confidently that the city will never cease to amaze me. yesterday i was a nobody and today i’m on a first name basis with hil and katie! well, not quite but stranger things have happened! as a fan of the today show i was very excited that my new york office was so close in proximity to NBC studios at Rockefeller plaza. a few days ago i had my first glimpse of matt lauer. i happened to have a camera with me and i tried tried TRIED to get a picture, but in my typical fashion i missed the shot completely and got only cheering fans standing in front of me. i do this a lot. when will ferrell graced my presence at Wrigley Field in may i did the exact same thing! (this is understandable in the presence of will ferrell– i absolutely love him!) i was the crazy giddy fan when will ferrell was there, and no, i am not ashamed even if i should be. he just may be the funniest person alive. anyway, today i was a bit early for work so i thought just MAYBE j crew is open and i can get a little pre-shopping in (yep that’s right as a shopaholic i scope out what is i will buy next–i do most of my “pre-shopping” when i don’t have time to try things on-ie my lunch breaks, and before work) as i approached i realized my love, j crew, doesn’t open until 10, but straight ahead I could see and hear screaming fans–ah hil duff was there. so, being the pop music lover that i am (no i’m really not ashamed) i joined the young and old. i stood next to a man from singapore who said he was in new york for business (this being his last day). he asked me who was singing. i told him, and he responded that he thought it was jewel, “that singer from alaska” and i assured him it was hilary duff. he had no clue, and he definitely had not heard of her. however, he was really enjoying himself, exclaiming, “this is really wonderful,” “she is very talented,” and “she must be a professional.” that last one made me laugh. this guy was so ridicuously nice it was insane. anyway, i love tourists. it’s funny because i am immersed in this beautiful, crazy, and crowded city every single day and i will forever be the ultimate tourist. i shook the man’s hand, got a bit closer to watch katie interviewing hilary all the while kicking myself for not having my camera. not that my unreliable photo skills would have pulled through. my little sister would have loved every minute of this! she would have also thought seeing the grown man wearing the full out spiderman costume walking down the street in times square was hilarious. i wish i had my camera for that one too! (and no i’m not making that up or exaggerating in anyway- i saw spiderman. in times square. yesterday. i’m not creative enough to make this stuff up!) i really should carry it at all times while i’m here being the ultimate tourist and all. check out my pictures on my .mac homepage and you kind of get the feel for my unreliable photography skills. all i can say is that at least i try, at least i try. luawgbl.

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