what i want now!
given that I am the ultimate shopaholic & magazine whore i decided i would share my knowledge. So, I have done just that and compiled a list of my favorite items for the season! i have also thrown in a few staples that will transcend into future seasons! enjoy! there will be more to come with all links in place!

  • cashmere- is a must have for colder weather!! the best deal you can get on fabulous high quality cashmere is at jcrew. the cashmere tee & cashmere hoodie are must-haves for everyday comfort & style. i must have them in every color! i adore my cashmere burrberry scarf(i have it in light blue) but i really want it in pink
  • velvet is definitely the fabric of the season. this fall, the must have closet accessory is the velvet blazer! i favor jcrew’s velveteen blazer. for a more dressed up look i love diane von furstenberg’s take on the velvet jacket, the victor velvet jacket with this piece she combines fall’s military-inspired trend w/ velvet and the result is to die for (i’ve never seen a military jacket look so feminine) it is a bit pricy but it is lovely! marc jacobs took a similar approach to this military inspired velvet jacket –although this jacket has the gold buttons(a military casualty if you ask me) I adore the robin blue piping…it makes it playful and fun perfect for my favorite pairing jeans and heels! Don’t feel like splurging on a trend heavy jacket??? go for something a little more pocketbook friendly with this velveteen military jacket,a steal at $68. Now, if you have places to go this holiday season and you have some cash to expend nanette lapore has an AHmazing embellished cropped jacket i also love the velvet blazer + belle skirt look favored by jill stuart
  • more velvet! blouses, sweaters, skirts, pants, handbags embellished in the fabric are ubiquitous this season! velvet can really dress up any bland tweed adding a feminine touch & even a bit of color in a heartbeat! the best examples of this are the many many many lovely accessories out there! i love these from coach & jcrew (you’ll find that the styles are nearly identical…hmmm)
  • i have a number of blouses that are embellished with a little bit of velvet here and there and it allows you to really tie in fabulous separates. for instance this silk cami adds ruched velvet for a fun dressed up look. i think it would be great w/ jeans and heels or paired with a skirt for a holiday party. if you are looking for something fun, femminine, but a little less settle free people brings all of our favorites into one with it’s velvet lace bolero. it is essentially a cropped velvet blazer embellished with lace and would be “ridicoulously good looking” with hot jeans & heels. unfortunately, it might be a little over the top for work.

    onward to my favorite! the skirts!

    • starry breck lichen skirt i love love love this embellished skirt from anthropologie. it is flirty & fun not to mention v. classy
    • nadia’s dancing skirt if you are looking for something more versitile (which i am all about!) this black velvet circle skirt is prrrrfect! it has to be one of my favorites and one that i will be picking up immediately!
    • please please please me skirt this tiered velveteen skirt is super cute and looks extra lush in black
    • starlight skirt this crushed velvet skirt is very russian & very trendy. with cute embellished pumps this could be too die for. you have to be careful with this look…A) you never want to look too costumey or for that matter too russian…so be careful…(i guess that is just the conservative in me speaking!)

    you can also check out bcbg for some of my fave styles in velvet.

  • cute ipod cases! banana republic has the cutest hot pink ipod case for $38 that i am so buying tommorrow for cute metallic ipod cases & high quality leathers check out kate spade, coach ,
    marc by marc jacobs, marc jacobs collection , or even juicy couture
    But if you want a signature designer case louis vuitton and burberry have the cutest ones around– that is unless you can get your hands on a gucci ipod case!!! however, given the recent events the new ipod & nano introductions I’m not sure which cases will work. for the nano you can get cute cases through apple

  • The Simpsons etc.

    Here is couple photos of Jessica Simpson giving the finger to the paparazzi on Sept 16th. I thought these pictures were pretty funny. (I wish I looked this fabulous when I was pissed.) I bet she was even more pissed when US Weekly hit newsstands charging for the trillionth time that her and her “prince charming,” Nick Lachey, are “SPLIT!” To her credit when she was in New York this past week she looked happy and more beautiful than ever. I am not even particularly a fan of hers…but you can’t argue that the girl is always looking hot.

    anyways, i’m looking forward to see if her sister repeats her hoe down on SNL (like that is going to happen)this saturday. i honestly believe Ashlee Simpson’s people have her on lock down- not even allowing her to speak to ensure her voice is as good as it will ever be. she can’t afford another disaster–SNL and the orange bowl are enough for a lifetime. i really think she’ll do well & i really hope so for her sake anyways.

    by the way she is looking better than ever now that her hair is back to blonde. (blondes do have more fun!) i am also excited for her new album too! and no i’m not ashamed. i love the single “Boyfriend.” she may not have the looks, or the voice in her family, but she is a way way wayyyyy better songwriter. I preordered her album “I AM Me” on iTunes. 🙂

    here is a pic from her album cover…she looks v. sophisticated. her best yet.

    see. she should keep her hair blonde. i bet u jessica simpson is still with nick lachey & ashlee simpson is going to rock the house on SNL. these girls always seem to come out on top, hence the reason why everyone loves to hate them.

    but lets move on to what is important in life shall we?

    • LFC homecoming is this weekend so i will be flying to chicago tonight to be with my girls! tailgating. 10am. be there. will try to avoid the forester tailgating swat task force

    • hello, britney spears! when are the baby pictures going to surface??! i want to see them like STAT! you couldn’t see his little face in the helicopter pics! oh and lets not forget britney supposedly has a sex tape floating around out there (like someone else i know…) we all knew it existed after chaotic aired that it was only a matter of time anyways maybe she’ll release it on dvd and as a bonus include her baby brag book…haha that seems like something she would do. (ps doesn’t k-fed look disgusting here)

    • i’m going to miss my sophie this weekend! she looks so sad… sophie, if you’re reading this, just know that i love you! 🙂 “i miss my soooooooph!”


    what i want now
  • tall boots i’m not down with hooker boots, but you can’t go wrong with a nice pair of jcrew boots. they are made of quality italian leather and can be dressed up or down. marc jacob snow boots, frye campus boots, tall uggs, and burberry rainboots are also great closet staples especially if you plan on being out in the elements.
  • blouses anthropologie banana republic freepeople girlshop shopbop for amazing fun styles
  • bolero/wrap/cardigan anthropolie club monaco & french connection have the best of the best
  • round toe pumps & open toe pumps the must haves for fall footwear! marc jacobs, bcbg, more affordable styles check out ninewest & there are some cute open toe pumps for $25 @ target!
  • round toe flats- i usually don’t reccommend flats unless it is a flip-flop (those i will wear until there is 10 ft. of snow on the ground). i don’t normally “do” flats for the simple reason that i am only 5’4. that’s right, i have to be the shortest person in my family other than baby j who is turning one this month!! no joke. my little sister is easily 5’8 and my little brother is 6’1 so i literally got the short end of the stick! anyways i had to throw that in there because somehow complaining makes me feel better about being vertically challenged. anyways despite my height i have fallen in love with some flats this season because they are irressitably cute! i own a pair of metallic banana republic flats in bronze and i wear them every day i can. they honestly look good with everything! the bronze is metallic without being too overpowering, gaudy, or flashy. they are perfect for work and sensible too i might add. they are easily the cutest affordable pair out there as they ring in at $98. if that is still a bit steep for you check out american eagle for seriously comfortable and cheap! flats. i have a pair of AE camel ballet flats w/a pink bow. mine have lasted forever (wearing them now) and they look nearly identical to jcrews ballet flats. the difference is mine wear $25 and jcrews are over $100! for more high end fashions i adore burberry & marc jacobs for their flats. i should also mention that jcrew & banana carry several other styles of flats including flats with a pointed toe.
  • style tip: don’t be afraid to wear bolder pieces that you may have lying around from previous seasons. i own a pair of gold sequinned flats i purchased last spring that still look good with some fall fashions. in fact i wore them this weekend with a sequinned tank, jeans, and a plunging v-neck sweater for a fun casual look!

  • fun belts clubmonaco.com jcrew.com
  • long sweater coat anthropologie.com polo.com
  • silloheute jewerly with vintage feel girlshop.com anthropologie.com
  • unique pieces check out fragments.com
  • wear anywear bag works for work and for play coach.com
  • chanel sunglasses the must have of any season
  • burberry jacket/trench the quilted jacket is classic and perfect for fall
  • burberry shirt long sleeve with novacheck arm patches so cute!!
  • marc jacobs bag bokier bulga eluxury.com shopbop.com girlshop.com ishopblush.com activeendeavors.com
  • pop your collar polos lacoste burberry polo classic style
  • plunging v-neck velvet gauge pullover from anthropologie & also check out club monaco…so cute over a sequinned tank
  • sequinned tank club monaco, express,
  • xtra soft tees & tanks james perse, american apparel, velvet, c&c california, & even jcrew has some extra soft tees and tanks
  • juicy hoodie: cameron diaz wears the juicy velour kelly green hoodie in the movie “in her shoes” and looks super cute. (but honestly when doesn’t she?) well, incidently my friend kelly bought one in that same color about a year ago on ebay at a great price. (the hoodie is normally $88) the hoodies are wicked comfortable and i have to admit the juicy hoodies are high quality. the imitation velour tracksuits are simply not as durable, flattering, or as comfortable. i favor the cashmere hoodies b/c i can get away with wearing them at work in the business casual wear, but this is great for weekend wear!
  • herve chapelier bag great for travelling. waterproof. easy to clean. come in several different color combinations. i reccommend the 925N size for travel or for school. it holds everything but isn’t too big to lose it’s cute factor. also, great authentic herve chapelier bags can be found on ebay from dezinelabs and other great sellers
  • manolos if i were carrie bradshaw, or mrs. vernon* for that matter, i would have five zillion pairs. unfortunately, i’m not. if anyone knows any manolo hookups in ny let me know, i’ll be first in line. until then i will be checking out neimans for exclusives. my fave pair of the moment!!
  • hot dress for a night out diane von furstenberg or a L.A.M.B. corset dress
  • for work: two words: banana republic. i favor their tweeds. i own their tweed pants with velvet trim, lace tweed skirt, and their mixed tweed skirt that is very Alexander McQueen without going into cardiac-arrest-style sticker shock pair the tweeds with fun boleros, blouses & shoes and work clothes don’t have to be so boring. working 40 hrs a week really forces you to limit your casual purchases so what i like to do is purchase things that can be worn conservatively but can also be dressed up to
  • weekend wear: jeans!!!! cords!!! i swear by AG jeans because they fit me so well. I have 2 pairs of the Angel cords, 1 pr of Legend jeans, 1 pr of Rider jeans, & 4 prs of Angel jeans. Like I said I swear by them! i also own the ubiquitous sevens and have tried on every other jean known to man, but nothing has surpassed my love for AG Angel jeans. i also love American Eagle blue issue, Gap straight fit, & Lucky jeans for more affordable wear. ps my boyfriend loves his AGs too b/c they are xtremely comfortable and xtra soft so i would highly recommend them!
  • **i will have the links up by next week

    Growing up I was the type of girl that read all of the time. I was always reading a book, asking for books for Christmas and sneaking flashlights up to bed so I could get further in my book (this is probably why my eyesight sucks). I also played video games (which is unusual for most girls but my sister and I have an affinity for it)and on top of that I played sports. I know you are probably expecting me to say I was the dorky, awkward, nerdy tomboyish girl growing up but I wasn’t– I was the ultimate girlie girl. I know it doesn’t seem like you can be all of those things at once but I was and I still am. I am probably the most competitive person you will ever meet…I’m competitive in absolutely everything to the point that it actually annoys everyone that knows me. With that said I am not GREAT at anything really, but I HATE HATE HATE to lose. I hate when I’m not the best so if I lose I usually react by sulking and telling everyone that they are dirty cheaters and i hope they die. (Yes I know it’s childish but some things we never grow out of.)

    As I grew older I played more sports and video games, become more engrossed in my work and social calendars and read less books. While in college I was reading all of the time…namely books relating to politics & economics, newspaper and magazine articles & cases I printed off of Lexis Nexis all in the name of coursework or research. The only books I read that weren’t related to coursework were related to my own research. There was little reading for pleasure during those 4 years besides those few moments during the summer but even then I was just a magazine whore. This hasn’t changed…I am still the biggest magazine whore you will ever meet. But in 4 years this is the extent of my reading: The Harry Potter books, a few John Grisham novels, Prozac Nation, One L, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and that is pretty much it. In FOUR YEARS!!! In college I kept it simple: Vogue, InStyle, Vanity Fair, Lucky, and occasionally People. During my time in D.C. I became hooked on US Weekly so my list expanded. I have kept on my magazine whoring but since graduating I started to read books for pleasure again. Upon graduating I began to read a new title Bergdorf Blondes (a beach book) I found the book to be hilarious and I immediately started to read other books I had wanted to read but never got around to. I read all of the Candace Bushnell books, The Nanny Diaries, The Devil Wears Prada, The Second Assistant, Kissing in Manhattan, the Bridget Jones books, Bush at War, Treason, Queen Noor,The Da Vinci Code, Prep, Rosie Dunne, P.S. love you, Wicked, The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters, and anything & everything by David Sedaris. Due to my lack of involvement with reading I had no idea who David Sedaris was when I was passing the UnAbridged book store in BoysTown. There was a big sign that screamed David Sedaris is here- book signing and there was an unbelievable line that went down the street and winding down around the block. Tim didn’t know who he was either and I guessed that he wrote the book “Running with Scissors” (I was wrong of course). We felt like idiots so we proceeded to go and buy his books Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim and Holidays On Ice. Those books were brilliantly funny, but that experience made me feel like a complete moron at that particular moment so I haven’t stopped reading since. Recently, I have read Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner & A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby.

    I am currently reading: Life of Pi by Yann Martel

    Here is my list of books I hope to read (they include recent titles as well as older ones):
    The Historian -Elizabeth Kostova
    Goodnight Nobody-Jennifer Weiner
    In Her Shoes-Jennifer Weiner (must read before i see the movie!)
    Freakonomics Steven Levitt
    Washingtonienne: A Novel -Jessica Cutler
    Twins of Tribeca -Rachel Pine
    Blink -Malcolm Gladner
    The Notebook -Nicholas Sparks
    The Secret Man -Bob Woodward
    Hide and Seek -Clare Sambrook
    Running with Scissors -Augusten Burroughs

    I highly recommend the following:

    Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell
    The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time -Mark Haddon
    A Long Way Down -Nick Hornby
    Wicked -Gregory McGuire
    A Million Little Pieces -James Frey
    My Friend Leonard -James Frey
    Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim -David Sedaris
    Me Talk Pretty One Day -David Sedaris
    Naked -David Sedaris
    Holidays On Ice -David Sedaris
    The Da Vinci Code-Dan Brown
    Little Earthquakes -Jennifer Weiner
    Trading Up & Four Blondes -Candace Bushnell
    Bergdorf Blondes -Plum Sykes
    The Devil Wears Prada -Lauren Weisberger
    The Nanny Diaries– Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus
    Kissing in Manhattan -David Schickler
    Plan of Attack– Bob Woodward
    Bush at War– Bob Woodward
    Treason– Ann Coulter

    Prozac Nation -Elizabeth Wurtzel
    The Virgin Suicides -Jeffrey Eugenides
    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince-J.K Rowling

    Classic, Classic, Classic, Love, Love, Love:
    anything by Kurt Vonnegut
    The Grapes of Wrath -John Steinbeck
    Tale of Two Cities & Great Expectations -Dickens
    The Fountainhead -Ayn Rand
    La Nouvelle Heloise: Julie -Jean Jacques Rousseau

    something for the kids

    i posted a link to the mcphee site a while back on myspace. mcphee was featured in dailycandy in the last week or so under the premise that only in america would people spend their hard earned money on crap like this. i encourage all of you to go check out this site, because it is funnny!!! random, but funny. it is a great source for gag-gifts, but there are some things that are kid-friendly.

    some of my kid-friendly picks:

    bible chewing gum: so our kiddies can always be thinking of the lord…ya know like an updated version of the WWJD bracelets now that good old Lance has filled our bracelet void.

    the male nurse action figure: it’s cool to be a nurse. who needs spiderman, superman, or batman when you can have triage-nurseman?! saving lives has never been cooler. rock on.

    nunzilla:no one will mess with a fightin’ nun! who would beat up a nun? nobody, she’s untouchable. so, kids can really kick some ass with nunzilla on their side.

    jesus action figure: big j our savior. your kids will love it. enough said.

    smoking baby: smoking just ain’t cool. but, it sure can be funny!

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