6:40 Heidi Klum wearing a stunning red Galliano gown that will be auctioned off for charity.
6:45 George Clooney will you marry me? Oh wait, Sarah Larson is there wearing Versace, I have no chance.

6:54 Anne Hathaway looking stunning in red Marchesa gown with rosette detail.

6:58 Amy Adams wearing a hunter green mermaid Proenza Schouler dress. I think her hair is a bit blah, The sweetheart neckline suits her, but the dress is a little plain.

7:00 Kelly Preston is wearing an elegant strapless orange/yellow Roberto Cavalli dress.

7:08 Jennifer Garner’s hair looks amazing, a gorgeous diamond necklace with a simple mermaid black gown with feathers on the bottom …designer anyone?…some drama with the interviews Seacrest isn’t doing his job.
7:09 Jessica Alba, also wearing Marchesa…this time in burgundy with feather detail. I love the dress, I don’t really know how I feel about the braid in her hair. I don’t think I like it.

7:20 Cameron Diaz looks amazing in a pink strapless Dior gown with a simple pony tail, her arms are ripped up. I’m so jealous of her…she is perfection.

7:23 I hate Keri Russell’s Nina Ricci dress. I love the necklace though…

7:24 We have seen a a lot of safe dresses…red seems to be the color of the night/ Jennifer Hudson has totally redeemed herself from last year’s disaster! She is wearing Roberto Cavalli…

7:40 Marie Cotillard pulled out all the stops in John Paul Gaultier. Amazing dress with wonderful scale like detail.
7:41 Is Tilda Swinton wearing no makeup? How is it you can show up to the Oscars wearing no makeup? Also, her hair is a little too orange. Tim and I are actually discussing the no makeup thing…he says she is so beautiful that she could show up and look at least that good. He may have a point, but I am arguing that she is over confident if she thinks that. She strikes me as the type of person who just doesn’t care that much…and you know what I can at least respect that.

7:52 Hilary wearing black one shoulder Versace dress with glam up-do…I don’t love it, but it isn’t a miss.

7:52 Katherine Heigil with Marilyn Monroe-esque hair, gorgeous red lips, and a stunning red one-shoulder Escada dress:

7:59 Cate Blanchett wearing purple. Yay for a new color. A simple Dries Van Noten dress for Cate, love the neckline…definitely not a favorite but she is pregnant so she gets a pass

8pm Renee Zellweger, don’t love the hair…stunning silver Carolina Herrera dress.

8:01 changing channels…seeing a few duplicate interviews.

8:13 We know Rachel Zoe dresses Jennifer Garner …but still no word on the designer. (UPDATE…it is Oscar de Le Renta)
8:14 Helen Mirren looking stunning in red George Chakra. I seriously hope I look half as good as her at that age.

8:17 Okay so maybe Amy Adams’ hair isn’t so blah after all. She is always a bit hit or miss for me…her overall look is just a bit low maintenance.
8:24 Ellen Page looks a bit plain Jane (wearing vintage ), but I still love her.

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Read Our Random Thoughts and Commentary on The Awards Show after the jump:

9:12 Art direction winner…”wow she doesn’t know art…look at her UGH she looks like she should be dating Bret Michaels”-Tim

WTF is this binocular/telescope montage? The Bad dreams montage was kind of funny, but for the record I hate montages that make fun of montages

9:20ish I had to laugh when the August Rush song “Raise It Up” was performed, Tim says, “look at that little girl sing it…(jumps up) look at her!)… she can’t be more than 11…oh look there her mom is coming in to steal her stage.”

9:31 Are they serious with a Bee montage?
9:33 During the clips of Peter & The Wolf Clip for best animated short…Tim says “oooo he caught him” After Peter & The Wolf wins he comments on the woman accepting, “oh she is kind of cute for a dorky animator”

9:39Tim says, “If they give this (Best Supporting Actress) to Ruby Dee I’m gonna punch someone in the face…and since you’re the only one here you better be prepared to duck”. Tim goes off on a tangent of how he didn’t think Tilda Swinton wasn’t that believable in Michael Clayton, and as I argue with him she wins. Then I’m pissed and start ranting about how I’m so pissed that she didn’t wear makeup to the Oscars. As she accepts, Tim says, “Wow her dress is really weird…” On the bright side, she had some funny jabs about George Clooney.

9:53 During the “That Is How You Know” song performance Tim said, “This is the one I said was going to win, …Ohhh this has to be a sign (when he saw Kristin Chenoweth
was performing )…you know what is sad I think she was hotter with the dorky glasses on the West Wing…she is so fucking hot, I am just going to pretend she is singing the morning after…look at this guy, you go to the oscars and you wear purple pants? asshole. “

9:58 “You know what pisses me off? I feel like I could write Juno.” – Tim

10:01 Jon Stewart’s running baby commentary has been pretty fun. “And the baby goes too…”

10:05 Seth Rogan Jonah Hill’s Halle Berry/Judi Dench commentary was quite funny.

10:06 Tim says while checking our ballots after the sound categories: “Just so you know, we don’t know shit about sound…”

10:10 Maria wins! I cry…Tim proceeds to make fun of me.

10:18 So cool they are playing the Wii!!! I would rather be playing the Wii… Hmm…should we set the Tivo and play the Wii? What about live blogging…if we stop know it won’t be live…we better keep going…

10:30 Nicole Kidman does look vaguely pregnant. I wish she would go back to red hair…I am all for pale girls, but her hair color really does makes her look transparent. Her simple black Balenciaga dress isn’t anything to wow about, but the necklace is fabulous.

10:35 During the most boring speech ever Tim says, “He doesn’t look a day over 85″(laughter)…”Instead of giving him an honary Oscar, they should give him a blue pill and give him his first good time in 35 years!”

10:45 Penelope Cruz is gorgeous & wearing Chanel…

10:48 In his best presentation voice Tim says, “Update!! The last category Melanie won everyone (DRUMROLL PLEASE) was Best Supporting Actor …Javier Bardem”

That’s right, I’m going 4/15 so far, Tim is 11/15…My boyfriend might just be gay after all

10:59 Cameron Diaz is sooo cute!!!!

11:09 Okay, I give in, Amy Adams is completely adorable. I’m officially on the bandwagon. But for the record I still think she looks like a less cute version of Isla Fisher.

11:10 Atonement wins! I actually got a category correct (but Tim did too and is currently 12/18…compared to my 5/18 Tim says “That is how you roll…and for the record, you roll poorly”

11:25 Diablo Cody Wins! I’m so happy! This is the first one I got right that Tim didn’t!

11:33…I hope Johnny Depp Wins

11:34 No surprise here Daniel Day Lewis wins…thankfully I guessed correctly on my ballot…otherwise Tim would be killing me…oh wait, he is killing me…nevermind

11:43 I win for Best Directing…well not me but the directors of No Country For Old Men won, thereby I win too…They have made me laugh a couple of times (maybe even more than Jon Stewart) during their acceptance speech so props to them

11:46 No Country For Old Men wins best picture! I really loved this movie (and book), so I can’t say I’m upset about the win…it is well deserved I think. 🙂

11:48 With that I’m signing off for the night. I hope you can make sense of Tim & my banter. More Tim’s because he is funnier than I am…anyways, I will follow up tomorrow on some of the designers I missed out on. Tim passed with 60% correct on his ballot…I failed miserably, and Sophie passed (out) on the couch. Good night!

3 Comments on Oscar Red Carpet Live Blogging

  1. M&Co
    February 25, 2008 at 1:32 am (10 years ago)

    Oh I loved that dress Heidi Klum is wearing. She looked fabulous!!

  2. mind the gap
    February 25, 2008 at 3:37 am (10 years ago)

    Jack N. seems to be somewhat coked up, right? Colin Farrell is a hottie. Jon Stewart is mostly disappointing so far, though, no? Btw, what did you make of Francis Ford Coppola’s Youth Without Youth? It hasn’t gotten much play, but it’s a more engaging film than many of those being given awards tonight. Here’s an interesting discussion of the film.

  3. design for mankind.
    February 25, 2008 at 5:14 am (10 years ago)

    FANTASTIC oscar coverage!!!! 🙂