I’ve been on the hunt for some shatter/crackle top coats for some time now. I’ve been dying to try one out. I recently came across a huge display of O.P.I. Silver Shatter, so naturally I was inclined to make a purchase. My nails had been painted a pretty coral color (also by O.P.I., but the name escapes me), so I applied one coat over each nail and watched as the silver top coat “shattered”.
The top coat is fast drying and almost immediately after application begins to crack. Because of this, a liberal swipe of color works best.

Silver Shatter will give your nails a gritty, tough girl, finish. If you want to try something fun & new, I would recommend tracking this or any of the six other O.P.I. Shatter shades down. The product is certainly easy to use, and would be fun to try over various nail polish shades. I love the novelty of the product, and the fact that the unpredictable cracks transforms your nails with each application. I’m not sure I love the silver shatter shade itself as it reminds me of cracked concrete. Given I have an entire bottle of it, I am eager to try it out on my array of nail polish shades. I think the silver is calling for a purple base, or maybe a fun glitter shade. If you can’t find O.P.I.’s shatter shades, look out for China Glaze & Sally Hansen also have Crackle top-coats in various shades that will give you a similar look.

Purchase O.P.I. Silver Shatter Nail Lacquer $5.45 @ Amazon

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