Last week was very interesting. I was productive, efficient, and I was actually enjoying myself…that is until Friday came around! On Friday, I was greeting with mess in my office…a tile had apparently collapsed onto my desk and water had poured out from above ruining all of my personal photographs and numerous other personal effects including a vintage book a close friend had given me a few months ago. I worked in a temporary office for the majority of the morning until our building maintenance remedied the situation. I guess I work in the ghetto of midtown–don’t be fooled by the marble & mahogany! Luckily, I wasn’t at work when the disaster occurred. I would have FREAKED out if that had come down on my head!!! One side of my office is still completely bare and it still doesn’t feel right, but I can’t say I’m comfortable with placing anything under that particular ceiling tile quite yet, but can you blame me??!!! This is an office I have occupied uneventfully for 2 years, so I can only hope that this was a freak occurrence and I’m not in danger of being knocked out & drenched by falling ceiling tiles & water. I am thinking I might need a pay raise, or at the very least a bigger office with better view, don’t you? Anyway, please forgive me for being MIA on Friday.

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