Sophie & I before the race… clearly, the crazy beagle wasn’t as excited about Lance Armstrong as I was! (the boyfriend was more excited about Natalie Morales running as he has a big crush on her!) The weather was perfect for running, so we were amped up. We were cheering next to the cutest little girls & their mom from Virginia. Their dad was running in the marathon, so they were tracking his chip with their cell phone…when he started approaching mile 17 the two little girls busted out their hand made signs and started chanting “Go Daddy”… it was the cutest damn thing I’ve seen in a long time. It is so moving & inspiring to see so many (37,000!!!) runners go all out in a test of courage, endurance, and sheer will! The great thing is when you’re out there seeing these people you think, hey, maybe i could do this! I’ve watched two marathons one in Chicago and now one here in NYC, and I can’t help but think that I might get my @ss out there to run one someday. It sounds crazy I know, but that is what I am thinking! Anyway, on to the HIGHLIGHT of the day:

lance was looking good!

LANCE! running, & team lance running @ mile 17… he ran with a tight pack of people plus the Nike “LANCECAM” that were helping him keep his pace. He kept his pace, but his pack made it terribly difficult to get photos of him damnit! He was running very smooth when I saw him, and didn’t look to be tight or cramping at all. The good thing is he beat his goal of running the marathon under 3 hrs… he ran the 26.2 miles in 2 hours 59 minutes & 36 seconds (talk about right on the money!)

the lead women @ mile 17 (way way ahead of the pack); the rest of the professional women coming in; i felt bad for so many of the women running by themselves…it is so much easier (most of the time) to run with a pack!; Congrats to Jelena Prokopcuka for winning the NY marathon for the 2nd consecutive time in 2:25:05!

us crazy kids on the east side cheering the runners on as after they entered manhattan at mile 17!

the professional men came blazing by at mile 17; Congrats to M. Gomes dos Santos for winning in 2:09:58!!! These guys are well oiled machines!!!

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Congratulations to all of you who ran the marathon! You’re My Idols!

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