Nintendo will be launching an updated version of their popular hand held gaming system, the DS, here in the states on April 5th. The system is already available in Japan, and they will be getting new color choices (pink, lime green & metallic blue) in addition to the ones they already have starting on March 20th:

The updates to the DS are pretty much negligible, so unless yours is on its last leg I don’t see why you would need or want to upgrade. Compared to the DS lite the DSi is slightly thinner, has a larger screen, improved sound, the ability to download games via a WiFi connection, a SD Slot that replaces the Game Boy Advance slot, a music player, and two cell phone quality cameras. The new DSi will have no backwards compatibility and will not be compatible with the DS version of Guitar Hero and games that make use of the Game Boy Advance slot.

I currently own a PSP and have been contemplating getting a DS ever since I won that DS tourney back in November just for the fun of it. Backwards compatibility isn’t an issue for me, and with some of the new games set to launch this spring for DS, I am planning on holding out until April 5th to hop on board the DS train. Sadly, the U.S. will not have the option of a pink DSi on April 5th, only a basic matte black and a pretty matte blue. I reserved a blue DSi for myself…

Pre-order the DSi for $169 @ Wal-Mart or @ Amazon.

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