If you are looking for a light, pretty, neutral eye makeup for everyday or to wear with some fabulous lipstick, this is the tutorial for you!!

P.S. There are a few reasons why I started doing makeup tutorials: #1 my friends, family, & completely random people are always asking me about my makeup & tips on how to do theirs, and #2 there are a ton of really talented girls & gurus doing makeup on you tube, but very few of them have a fair complexion like moi, so if any of you out there are half as pale as me, this might help you out. 🙂 If you are of a different complexion, please keep watching–simply modify the colors for your own skin tone/eye color ! 🙂 I hope to have some more tutorials for you gals soon! 🙂

1 Comment on Neutral Eye Beauty Tutorial

  1. Chasing Davies
    September 22, 2009 at 1:56 am (8 years ago)

    that’s awesome! I’m going to try your process out. You do a great job – nice video!