Often it is difficult to find stylish & versatile pieces that allow you to look perfectly polished at work and yet still stylish in the other areas of your life. We all have lives outside of work after all (this is worth repeating)! For those of you who work in more creative or laid-back atmosphere it might not be so difficult, but any of us who work in a more corporate environment every morning there are serious decisions to be made. Not only is Office Space a little too close to home (seriously, who stole my stapler?!),but it is also close to impossible to navigate the murkiness of the Human Resources “business casual” dress code. Hemlines, necklines, sleeves, materials, fit, and even colors matter and it is so easy to get caught up in the drab cardigan and khaki uniform movement. {Ladies don’t become another statistic!} Instead I try to add playful prints, dresses, and great bags and shoes into the mix. Today I am really digging this dress and trench from BCBG:

BCBG Alexandra Cotton Coat $278; BCBG Matte Jersey Dress $170

I love the interesting shape of the trench, and the print of the dress is pretty enough for everyday without being too loud for a corporate environment. If the neckline is too revealing for your office environment, you can always do a bit of creative layering with a camisole to cover some skin. Generally, I am very PRO-“break the dress code” so long as it done tastefully and stylishly. (Please do not wear your Nikes or Rubber flip flops with your work attire!) Try to find small ways to break the rules, if you look great doing it, no one will say a word. Of course if you have an important meeting, wear a well tailored suit and serious shoes, but that should go without saying.

P.S. While you’re browsing at BCBG, check out these cute bags!

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