My Typical Morning Tech Checklist: (what’s yours?)

  1. Log into ichat/aim & msn instant messenger (change away messages to indicate that i am no longer sleeping, i am on my way to work, or some quote i fancy)
  2. check cell phone for missed calls and awaiting text messages
  3. return text messages
  4. check email (a terribly large chore for me, believe it or not)
  5. moderate blog comments (damn those spammers!)
  6. log into myspace check comments/messages/friend requests
  7. log into facebook check comments/messages/friend requests
  8. read my daily blogs & news
  9. return calls
  10. reply to emails
  11. reply to blog comments
  12. reply to myspace messages/comments
  13. reply to facebook messages/comments
  14. make necessary away message change (depending on the day this could occur multiple times in a day, but on a typical day i make only about 2/3 changes, and just so you know, i’m nearly always in “away status” as I am busy commenting on myspace, facebook etc.)
  15. send emails & myspace messages, write on facebook walls, leave comments on my favorite blogs
  16. blog about it, and then start again from #2 on until the next day where i will undoubtedly start with ichat and instant messenger, or maybe if i really feel like throwing myself for a loop i’ll go for the cell phone first.

Read the hilarious, sad-but-true, essay, that spurred me to create my very own “tech checklist”:

Someone to Watch Over Me (on a Google Map)” by THEODORA STITES–NY Times

This essay is adapted from “Twentysomething Essays by Twentysomething Writers” (Random House, August). and was published July 9, 2006 in The NY Times

illustration by cal slayton

1 Comment on My Typical Morning Tech Checklist

  1. Cupcake Queen
    July 12, 2006 at 1:54 am (12 years ago)

    hahah that list is funny. what an internet nerd i am