Baby Bump Photos: 24 Weeks: the baby is kicking like crazy especially during ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and when Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Boxer” is playing.  26 Weeks: still feeling great with only 3 months to go!

In all of my previous bump photos I was wearing dresses that had already been in my closet, primarly from Madewell & Anthropologie, two of my favorite shops. My growing bump forced me to break down and purchase maternity clothes. In my 24 weeks photo I am wearing Motherhood Maternity’s Convertible Sleeve Shirt Dress . It is a dress I would love to own even if I wasn’t pregnant, and is great for work. This week, in my 26 weeks photo I am wearing a striped Liz Lange maternity dress I purchased at my local Target this past weekend for $27.99. This reminded me a bit of one of my favorite Anthropologie collumn dresses at a fraction of the cost. For twenty-eight dollars and no fear of stretching the dress out so it is unwearable post-pregnancy I just couldn’t pass it up.

So far my pregnancy has been relatively complaint free. My energy levels have been high and I have not gotten ill. I did have some trouble sleeping which is why my pregnancy live-saver so far has been the Snoogle. This body pillow is the best thing ever. I don’t understand why ALL pillows aren’t made like this. I don’t forsee myself getting rid of this pillow after the baby it is THAT good. You think this thing is ridiculous? I did too, until I tried it. I sleep through the night with no problems, something I know I will not be doing much of come December! Other than bathing in Palmer’s oil to prevent stretch marks and using tons of sunscreen, my beauty routine has also not changed much from the norm. I also haven’t felt to the urge to chop off all my hair. I am looking forward to cooler weather and lower humidity. I am not however looking forward to finding a winter jacket that will fit me and my bump!

As far as purchasing baby things, I’ve been relatively good. I went to the Daffy’s going out of business sale and purchased a few preppy outfits for my boy. I also purchased a striped Stevie baby bag from Kate Spade’s recent surprise sale. I justified the purchase by thinking this will be my new “it” bag so I might as well like the look of it! It is much cuter in person…

Kate Spade Stevie Diaper Bag w/ changing pad & stroller straps

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