I’ve been busy with a little side project of my own…

Baby Sweeney (pictured here at 20 weeks) is due 12.12.12

I am over halfway done, and yet just getting around to sharing the news with you, my dear readers, whom I’m sure were a bit concerned with my lack of posting. A new job, house hunting, laziness and limited shopping have contributed to this. The only thing I’ve been doing consistly has been knitting (primarily for other people!). If you follow me on instagram, pinterest, twitter, or of course ravelry you’ve probably seen my quite a few of these projects!  While I still haven’t caved to wearing maternity clothes (my days are seriously numbered), I have been trying to document the experience of my growing bump by taking a new photo every two weeks. Check them out below:

Proud Parents pictured here at 12 weeks

Baby Bump Photos: 16 weeks & 18 weeks

Baby Bump Photos: 20 weeks & 22 weeks

JoAnna at A Cup of Jo recently posted a maternity makeover featuring clothing from the Hatch collection. This gave me hope that I can still be stylish while with child. Like Jenny (featured in the post), I too have been favoring bold necklaces and lip color. I hope I can continue to look chic this fall as my bump continues to grow! More on that later, for now I just wanted to finally share my big news. Our baby boy is due on December 12, 2012. I think that is a fantastic day to have a birthday, so I hope the little one sticks to the schedule!

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