36 Weeks- wearing a polka dot maternity dress given to me by my MIL

Final preparations are underway. We have been overwhelmed with weekly doctors appointments, packing, moving, baby prep classes, and making sure we have everything we need to take care of our guy once he arrives. I feel really good and have had no complications or swelling. Despite being overwhelmed by a seemingly endless to-do list, I am getting more excited to meet my little man. Below are a few things that have helped me get through this pregnancy!

Pregnancy Essentials

  1. Snoogle Total Body Pillow + Chic Cover : This maternity body pillow helps me sleep through the night, and lets be honest I need to get all the sleep I can NOW before the baby arrives!
  2. Liz Lange Basic Maternity Tanks -These tanks are super soft and long and affordable so I could stock up on a variety of colors. Wear them under a cardigan for day, to yoga class, the grocery store, or to bed!
  3. Motherhood Maternity Leggings: There are so many different styles of maternity leggings, but these were my favorite. They were affordable, comfortable, and look great under dresses and tucked into boots.
  4. Palmers Skin Therapy Oil – I was a big fan of this oil prior to being pregnant, but I have been practically bathing in this oil daily to help prevent stretch marks. I plan to continue post baby as well. 
  5. Water: Increasing water intake during pregnancy is something my doctor cannot stress enough. I try to drink 2 liters a day.
  6. Fruit-especially Bananas: I have always suffered from “charlie horses” at night, since I was young, but during pregnancy especially late pregnancy these are very common. By drinking a lot of water and upping the potassium rich banana intake I haven’t experienced them nearly as often.
  7. Laura Mercier Mineral Powder: For the duration of my pregnancy, taking good care of my skin has been a priority. As a result, I have used a lighter hand with my makeup and have favored Laura Mercier’s Mineral Powder as a foundation to even out my skintone.
  8. Eye catching nail polish by butter LONDON: So at home pedicures went out the window a few weeks ago, but that hasn’t stopped me from having fun with my manis!
  9. Open Cardigans: Buttons aren’t exactly your friend during pregnancy, thus the open faced cardigan is a MUST. I really love the drape of this one. The fact that is reversible makes it all the more versatile. Of course, this item doesn’t have to be maternity to do the trick, you can find one you love almost anywhere.
  10.  BellaBand Organic: These bands saved me boatloads of money during my pregnancy, as I was able to wear my jeans and cords with the help of these bands right up into my third trimester. The fact that I avoided shelling out $200+ for designer maternity denim and could wear my favorite J.Brand jeans instead, made my bank account that much fuller for all my baby related expenses.

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