I took advantage of the long president’s day weekend to catch up on my movies. Every year I try to view as many Oscar nominated films as possible, so I am comfortable filling out my Oscar ballots. While I’m on the topic of movies, I should add that I dedicated last weekend to seeing the film, “Factory Girl”, and if you haven’t seen the film, I encourage you do so. I loved it, and I thought they did a good job of giving a snapshot of Edie’s tragic life. I felt they were true to Jean Stein’s biography of Edie Sedgwick, so read the book as well!! I have found myself using quotes & phrases from the movie non-stop- it is hard not to. Sienna Miller & Guy Pearce are fantastic in this movie. Anyway, this weekend I saw The Departed, Notes on A Scandal, and An Inconvenient Truth. All three are fantastic movies. If you haven’t already, put them on your netflix queue or head out to your local theatre! I really think Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for the wrong movie…he is fantastic in the Departed, but Mark Wahlberg played my favorite character in that movie. Judi Dench scared me in Notes on A Scandal, she was amazing, but I think that Helen Mirren will win for the Queen.

An Inconvenient Truth is a movie I think everyone should see, regardless of your political beliefs. I for one would not be considered an Al Gore supporter, I didn’t vote for him in 2000, and I like “lockbox” jokes a little too much. Having been heavily involved in politics, I knew quite a bit about Al Gore & his family, and the issues he stood for, but I think I have been guilty of disregarding his comments on global warming as i was likening it to a politician’s pet platform issue. The movie made me understand how passionate Al Gore is about this issue. The movie was educational, frightening, and at times angered me a bit. It made me realize how inefficient our country has been as far as emissions standards. I come from a family who is very big into buying American made cars. I was raised with the mentality to “buy American” (i support American companies & businesses whenever i can, especially local & small businesses, but i don’t discriminate against fabulous imports!) Because of this, one point in the movie struck a chord with me. Knowing that one of the reasons why American car companies can’t compete internationally is because they don’t meet the minimum emissions standards in countries like China angers me to no end. How is it possible that our country is so behind the ball on this?

It looks we have to take matters in our own hands to make things change in this country, and this is why Domino magazine’s “Green Issue” came at the perfect time for me. The folks over at Domino dedicated their March issue to eco-friendly products. Domino partnered up with TreeHugger.com to create a set of guidelines to choose products. It was an ambitious task dedicating the entire issue to environmentally friendly products, and so great they did it because for those of us who don’t live a eco-friendly life, the issue is incredibly educational! Domino’s Green List includes only products that have been made from materials that are rapidly renewable, responsibly grown, reusable or biodegradable. Domino included items that were manufactured using safe & fair labor practices, they allowed no items made out of materials that would pollute the air inside your home, and they also decided that vintage counts! I was amazed by how many great looking products were earth-friendly. There are so many tips & products included in this issue that we can try to incorporate into our daily lives that can help reduce the stress we are putting on this planet. There are numerous tips that everyone can incorporate into their life without spending money & really with minimal effort…in fact many of the tips actually save you money!!! These types of tips cover everything from conserving water/electricity, buying better lightbulbs, taking mass transit, walking/riding a bike whenever you can, recycling, & taking your own bags to the grocery store! Buying all organic food, products, and clothing, does appear to be more expensive, so I would suggest trying to slowly incorporate some of these products into your daily lives. Buying more efficient appliances will certainly save you money in the long run, but what i’m saying is that most people can’t afford to do a green overhaul on their life overnight. I am going to try to incorporate the tips & products I don’t already use/do into my daily life, because I am of the opinion that every little bit counts and the planet is worth it!!!

the gorgeous shalom harlow graces the cover of domino’s green issue

yay! for eco-friendly fashion!

Get eco friendly fashion from designers & companies such as:
the Danish company
Noir ;Edun (Ali Hewson (Bono’s wife) & Rogan Gregory’s line;Levi’s Eco line;
Loomstate uses 100% organic cotton in their jeans & tees,Anna Cohen creates gorgeous clothing using environmentally and socially responsible practices, Stella McCartney does not use leather in her line (she does use silk & organic wool);Sodafine, a brooklyn based shop featuring eco friendly clothing & accessories;Gomi NYC, a manhattan based shop featuring eco friendly clothing & accessories that includes vintage pieces;Ciel an eco friendly line created by Brit Sarah Ratty,Vanessa Barrantes creates eco-friendly flirty dresses & is available online at lolaymaria.com , manhattan based Kaight (kaightnyc.com ) ,
also keep your eye out for Bahar Shahpar, & Agricult
for more eco-friendly fashion ideas check
eco-friendly home decor, has never looked so good:
gorgeous bedroom:
for the kiddies:
i heart rosy neutral:
gorgeous blooms:

all images from domino magazine, the green issue is on news stands today!!! the issue has a ton of beauty, household products, organic foods & recipes that you can use!!
For more information about how you can help reduce the speed of global warming check out http://www.global-cool.com/ -it is a UK based foundation & production aimed at achieving a significant slowdown in global warming by getting a billion people to reduce their CO2 emissions by an average of one tonne by 2017.
leave your comments about going green! is having an eco-friendly lifestyle important to you & why? what kinds of things do you incorporate into your lifestyle? i am really interested in hearing what people have to say on this issue.

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  1. Reel Fanatic
    February 20, 2007 at 8:40 pm (11 years ago)

    Dame Dench was indeed simply terrifying, but also terrific, in Notes on a Scandal .. by the time they get to that scene of her in the bathtub smoking, I was almost trembling