Kate bags:

top: san miguel jocelyn $225; sydney charlie $595 ; kensington jocelyn $275; all @ Kate Spade;
bottom:martinique square veeka $995; solola jocelyn $195; napoli ava $365; all @ Kate Spade;

Kate covers:

The folks over at Kate Spade have a great selection of summer reading suggestions that you should immediately add to your reading lists. They also have 3 different photo downloads for you so you can cover your own book covers with other book covers (you got all of that?).
The end result is beautiful & intriguing (as illustrated above on the right) and will more than likely prompt fellow beach goers to ask you what you’re reading.

Reasons why covering your book covers with covers is a good idea:
1) It looks fabulous.
2) It will protect the outside cover of your book from finger smudges and other minor mishaps.
3) The cover will conceal embarrassing titles/cover art (this is usually a good idea if you are a fan of romance novels & self help books).

–for book cover instructions & downloads as well as the full reading list please visit Kate’s behind the curtain section

Kate tunes:

download the Kate Spade itunes imix, “the 25th street mix vol. 3” here

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