Miss Oops has rendered fashion disasters a thing of the past! Through a series of amazing yet simplistic products Miss Oops offers a solution to nearly every fashion emergency imaginable from deodorant & make up stains to ill-fitting clothes! Here are just a few Miss Oops products should be added to your arsenal, just-in-case!
Miss Oops
{top} Rescue Sponge $10-a no wet sponge that removes deodorant & makeup powder from clothes; Mishap Tape $6.99-double sided tape to keep things where they should be; Jaks $38- made of stretchable lace & is worn over low-waisted jeans and under tops covering up muffin tops and plumber’s crack all by Miss Oops.

{bottom} Boob Tube $25-Made of stretchable lace wear this bandeau under a plunging v-neck to give the illusion of a camisole–this conceals without the bulk of an extra layer. Showstoppers $15-invisibly covers & prevents “perk-out”; Nundies -comfort is key but this time line free $15; all by Miss Oops.

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