Lately, I have found myself drawn towards rough rocks, quartz, minerals and other gems. More than anything, I would love to own a amethyst cocktail ring! Check out my current sources of inspiration and my ever-expanding wish list.
Jewels etc.
2) Crystal Votive $38-58 @ Anthropologie; Smokey Amethyst Geode ring $350 by Michelle Lenáe;  Unearthed Trivet $78 @ Anthropologie; Amethyst Rough Cubic Rock Ring by Natalie Dissel € 420

3) Debra Baxter Nest Ring $200; Ring by Natalie Dissel; Ring by Natalie Dissel; Kira Necklace $684 @ Gemma Redux;  Cluster Amethyst Ring € 380 by Natalie Dissel;  14K Rutile Quartz Ring $365 @ Big Love Jewelry;

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