however you feel about britney spears, it is hard to ignore her fragrance line. in the interest of full disclosure, i should let you know that i am a fan of britney. i have no shame in admitting that. and before you tell me how awful you think britney is, i would just like to say in my defense, i know people who are more in love with britney than i am (okay, one person, but still!). you should also know, i do not flock to celebrity fragrances, in fact i try to ignore them all together, but some are surprisingly wonderful & worth giving a try. most recently, hilary duff’s fragrance “with love” wowed me. i was first introduced to the fragrance by accident really, the hilary duff “with love” candle was included in my lucky shops gift bag. it is one of my favorite scented candles currently in my apartment. i later tried the fragrance and i was wowed by the fact that i actually considered wearing it/buying it.

britney spears’ fragrance line has also been a surprise favorite of mine. i do not own any of her fragrances with the exception of several samples i have received, but i can tell you i have loved every single one including the limited editions, and was surprised by how much i loved them. none have them have swayed me from my allegiance to the original marc jacobs fragrance, but i would consider wearing them on occasion. britney spears fantasy is probably my favorite of all her scents, i tend to like the fruity florals (according to the scent personality test i took yesterday, this suits me just fine) that many perfume afficiandos oftentimes turn their nose up at. likewise i did enjoy the limited edition midnight fantasy by britney spears. it is a flirty scent with notes of black cherry, raspberry, plum, iris, night blooming orchid, freesia, vanilla, amber, musk. i find it to be one of her more sophisticated scents. the scent is packaged in a purplish blue signature fantasy bottle.

the promo pictures released last month show that when made up, and with some photo editing britney still has that “it” factor. if only she could translate that into everyday life (brit, if you’re reading that, the offer still stands, i will totally be your stylist!!!! puhlease, let me be your stylist!! ) anyway, the britney spears’ midnight fantasy fragrance can be purchased at sephora for $45

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