The Fall 2008 Marc Jacobs collection bucked every fall fashion trend we’ve seen thus far. Marc decided to set a few of his own! That included showing his collection ON TIME–something that is unheard of during New York Fashion week. Marc left editors and invited guests waiting for HOURS for his last showing, so he decided to surprise everyone and be ON TIME. That was news to the likes of Rachel Zoe, who was reportedly, late,denied entrance, and threw the tantrum of all tantrums. I would be pissed too if I were her, especially since even KEVIN FEDERLINE of all people was there… mohawk and all. THAT must be a blow to her ego! Anyway, about the SHOW. Marc showcased his fall collection under a spotlight and against a backdrop of SONIC YOUTH playing live. Guests were even given popcorn and bottles of Moet to enjoy. The collection featured a loose and relaxed style that had a decidedly masculine feel. Marc used a color palette that consisted primarily of muted pastels: yellow, powder blue, peach, with a few touches of gold lame, grey, white, and black. There wasn’t a jewel tone in sight! My favorites from the collection included the long coats, feathered hats, bags, shoes, belts, and geometric bracelets.

Details From The Fall Collection:


Looks From Marc Jacobs Fall 2008:


Photos via Coutorture/Layout by Platinum Blonde Life

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