Marais serves up their shoes like flavors of ice cream! I am amazed at the color selection, not to mention the wonderful styles available and the affordable prices! There are so many choices, and yet, like ice cream, you can never go wrong! Here are just a few of my favorites from the Marais Spring 2009 collection…

{top} Irving flat in eggplant $65; Mulberry flat in easter $55; Mott sandal in black $49;
{middle} Waverly heel in nude $59; Prince wedge in cobalt $69; Perry sandal in emerald $49;
{bottom} Irving flat in ochre $65; Crosby sandal in eggplant $65; Prince wedge in easter $69;

All shoes pictured are made by Marais! Check out their entire selection here! Happy browsing. xo, Melanie

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