Grace Vintage Dress Pattern Tissue, Buttons and Oil Pastel on Canvas 20” x 20” $545 Framed; Love Notes; Black and White Polaroid cards;
Tori album/scrapbook (12×15 30 pages); Susan (48 pages);
Willamena Vintage Dress Pattern Tissue and Oil Pastel on Canvas 36” x 56” $3,200 Framed
Dress Notes; Lolly album/scrapbook (51/2×20 24 pages); Kate(24 pages);

Lisa Norris is the designer behind this fabulous collection of handmade books, stationary, & collages. She graduated from Parsons School of Design in 1992 and has been painting, sculpting, snapping photographs, & bookbinding ever since. Her work has a vintage feel and is embellished with wonderful prints, ribbons, and high quality papers. Be sure to check out her charming catalog & website here.

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