My Surf, Baby! Haul from M.A.C.
Since I’ve come back from Aruba with sun kissed glow I’ve been favoring peach and coral lips, bronzed cheeks, and summer-y colors on my lids. M.A.C.’s Surf, Baby! collection sucked me right in. Now that I’ve had some time to play with the collection, I am sharing my photos of my stash, swatches, and of course my overall thoughts on the collection.
Hibiscus Lipstick, Strange Potion Lipglass, Tan Tint Skinsheen Bronzer Stick
Sun Blonde Eyeshadow, Saffron Eyeshadow
Lip Products:
Hibiscus Lipstick
Hibiscus Lipstick
Lipstick Swatches/Comparison:
Hibiscus Lipstick Swatch
Hibiscus Lipstick (left) swatched next to Viva Glam Cyndi lipglass
I didn’t purchase Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick but judging from the lipglass swatch I would imagine the colors are very similar. Hibiscus has a beautiful gold shimmer that sets it apart, but depending on your lip pigmentation these might look very similar on the lips.
I also compared Hibiscus (middle) to one of my drugstore detour purchases, Revlon Orange Flip (far left)
Hibiscus Lip swatch
Hibiscus Full Face Swatch
Lipglass Swatches/Comparison:
Strange Potion Lipglass
Strange Potion Lipglass
Strange Potion Lipglass Swatch
Strange Potion Lip Swatch
Strange Potion Full Face Swatch
Comparison Swatch: M.A.C. Pink Lemonade Lipglass (permanent), M.A.C. Strange Potion Lipglass, M.A.C. Mimmy Lipglass (Hello Kitty Collection), Stila Gumdrop Lip glaze (from a holiday set…same color family)
Pink Lemonade and Strange Potion are nearly identical, but as you can see Pink Lemonade is slightly more pink.   Mimmy in the tube looks to be very similar just a tad lighter, but is extremely sheer in comparison. Out of curiousity I included gumdrop as it had previously been unopened, I will be utilizing it this summer though!
FACE- Tan Tint Skinsheen Bronzer Stick Photos & Swatches:
Tan Tint Skinsheen Bronzer Stick
Tan Tint Skinsheen Bronzer Stick
Swatch: Tan Tint Skinsheen Bronzer Stick (unblended & blended right)
I didn’t have a cream bronzer, so I decided to purchase skinsheen bronzer stick and try using it under my bronzer of choice Nars Laguna. It does the job…I applied it using M.A.C.’s 188 brush. It is extremely pigmented and creamy and blends nicely. It also has some staying power once it is dry. It is a promising product that can be improved upon, but ultimately nothing to go crazy over.

Eyeshadow/Pigments Photos/Swatches/Possible Dupes:
Saffron Eyeshadow, Sun Blonde Eyeshadow
Saffron Eyeshadow, Sun Blonde Eyeshadow
Swatch: Saffron Eyeshadow, Sun Blonde Eyeshadow
Swatches: Melon Pigment (already owned), Naked Pigment (already owned); Saffron Eyeshadow, Sun Blonde Eyeshadow   

I didn’t purchase Short Shorts or Swell Baby because I found them to be similar to Nylon eyeshadow (swatched in the upper right corner) and Bough Grey eyeshadow (Give Me Liberty of London) (swatched in the lower right corner) I found them to be about 80-85% similar. Surf USA is a gorgeous shadow, but I don’t wear the blues I have enough to justify purchasing yet another teal. Sun Blonde is a really gorgeous color, and I have mixed feelings about Saffron, but have a feeling it just needs to grow on me a bit.  Overall, it was a good showing by M.A.C., but it seems they are really just holding out for their Semi-Precious collection coming this summer.

I purchased the products at Bloomingdales, except for Hibiscus which I had to hunt for a bit, but most of the products pictured are still available at MAC.

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