I decided to crawl out from under my rock and pick up some pretty new things from M.A.C.’s latest collection Posh Paradise. I love using M.A.C. paint pots as a base for my eyeshadow looks, so I was really excited to see some fun new colors in this collection. There are eight in total, so in an attempt to keep myself in check I purchased four: Blue Creation, Half-Wild, Nubile, and Idyllic (Quite a lot of product if you think about how long these things last!!) 
The Posh Paradise collection also included ten limited edition shades of M.A.C.’s Mattene lipstick which are packages in a small, sleek, tube design. Half the shades are matte, the other half are classified as being semi-matte which really means they have an ever so slight sheen about them. I was really impressed by the Mattene formula, I love matte shades (Ruby Woo is my favorite M.A.C. lipstick), but I hate that dry feeling you get whilst wearing them…it must be akin to caking cement onto your lips.The Mattene shades do not have that extreme drying feeling. They aren’t the most moisturizing things in the world, but if you favor a matte finish, this will feel like a godsend.
I was really tempted to purchase Eden Rouge as well, but felt that I am a little red lipstick poor, so I opted for the vivid magenta shade of Rare Exotic. I am truly in love with this shade and the semi-matte finish of the lipstick.

Check out my photos, swatches and more of my thoughts & feelings on the collection:
standard black M.A.C. packaging for Posh Paradise…
{clockwise} Half-Wild p/p, Idyllic p/p, Rare Exotic mattene lipstick, Nubile p/p, Pure Creation p/p
{clockwise} Idyllic, Nubile, Pure Creation, Half Wild paint pots
{clockwise} Idyllic, Nubile, Pure Creation, Half Wild paint pots
Pure Creation paint pot, a gorgeous blue shade that leans a bit teal
Nubile paint pot, gorgeous every day paint pot, similar to Painterly, but not matte, and more pink/peach than beige. I use painterly on a nearly daily basis, this is a nice substitute unless you are going for an all matte look, in which case Painterly still wins.   
It is sort of odd that I opted to purchase Nubile, when I decided against purchasing Treasure Hunt because of its similarities to MUFE Aqua Cream #11 when there are arguably more differences between Treasure Hunt & MUFE #11 than there is between Painterly and Nubile.  MUFE Aqua Cream #11  has much more shimmer than Treasure Hunt, is more gold than yellow. In the end, I felt that I would wear Nubile more than Treasure Hunt, and that I preferred the more gold look of MUFE #11 over the look of Treasure Hunt.
Idyllic paint pot A gorgeous copper shade that reads more Cranberry in the package than when applied…I get more of a brown shade with subtle red sparkles.  I used this as a base under the pigment copperbeam and it was stunning. I can’t wait to try this with more pigments, as I have a number in that copper family.
Half-Wild paint pot- a true grape color, that will look lovely in some of my purple looks. I wear quite a lot of purple, or violet eye looks, so this will be fun to play with. It however, is my least favorite out of the ones I purchased probably because it is the most matte of the four.

Rare Exotic Mattene lipstick
SWATCH: Rare Exotic Mattene lipstick
Comparasion swatch: Rare Exotic Mattene lipstick, M.A.C. Most Popular lipstick, M.A.C. Strayin’ lipstick
Paint Pot Swatches: Idyllic, Pure Creation, Half-Wild, Nubile
Comparison Swatches: Indianwood p/p, Idyllic p/p, Pure Creation p/p, Half-Wild p/p, Nubile p/p, Painterly p/p
Comparisson Swatch: Nubile vs. Painterly….Painterly is most more matte & beige in comparison, while Nubile has a bit of shimmer and is more pink.
Rare Exotic Mattene Lipstick Swatches:
lip swatch: Rare Exotic
Full Face Swatch: Rare Exotic mattene lipstick
Full face swatch: Rare Exotic mattene lipstick, and I am also wearing Nubile and Idyllic (outer V) as bases under Melon pigment (inner half), and Copperbeam pigment (outer half)

Many of these products are sold out on the MAC website, but check with your local counters, and check other department store sites that sell M.A.C., you might have to shop around, but you can still purchase these products!

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