POW! NYC gals head on down to Soho to browse M.A.C.’s Wonder Woman collection a couple of weeks early! This is the only place to purchase items from collection before Feb 8th. After this, M.A.C. will be having a bit of fun on foursquare, so look out for that upcoming competition/giveaway! Exciting stuff, no!? I will likely be stopping by the shop today after work! I’ll be sure to share my haul…
M·A·C Wonder Woman Pop-up store

109 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 334-4641

Store Hours: Monday – Wednesday: 11am-7pm
Thursday – Saturday: 11am -8pm
Sunday: 12pm-7pm

Update/Thoughts on the collection: I stopped in the store, as promised to see the collection in person for the first time. If you are a fan of Wonder Woman and are in NYC stop in if only to check out the cool decorations! I was a bit underwhelmed by the collection though. On my shopping list were the following items: Valiant eye-shadow quad, Emancipation lipglass, Athena’s kiss lipglass, Amazon Princess Blush Duo, Mighty Aphrodite Blush Duo, Pink Power MSF. I adore the lipglass shades, but the super-sized bottle and applicator is just too much for me-they really are a just a standard lipglass on steroids. I also wasn’t impressed enough by eyeshadow quads to justify the $40 price tag. I really would love the Valiant eyeshadow if it was sold singularly, but Diana Undercover wasn’t appealing to me in the swatch and I have dupes or near dupes of the other shades. The pigments are Pro shades, the reflects/glitter aren’t eye safe, the eye-liner is really just a sharpie, and the lipsticks are dupeable. The blush duos and MSFs are, in my opinion, the only things worth buying from the collection. I am going to consider purchasing Mighty Aphrodite, Amazon Princess, and/or Pink Power. While I think they are truly beautiful, I’m not sure I need any of them, especially not in their super-sized form, so I’m going to continue checking for dupe & swatch posts on the forums before the actual launch date, so until then I have no haul to report. I really encourage you all to check out the collection in person as you may have a different take! You may very well love the super-sized applicator of the lipglass or you might want to get creative with a sharpie sized eyeliner! Go for it, Wonder Woman! If you can’t make it to the pop-up you’re in luck because the collection is now available ONLINE.

UPDATE II: M.A.C. Just posted this amazing Wonder Woman video, which makes me think twice about passing on the collection (good marketing!) :

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