M.A.C. Style Black Haul Pics:

Yesterday, I ran out to pick up some of the M.A.C. style black collection. I had previewed the collection, but I was eager to try the Volcanic Ash mask & exfoliator for myself! M.A.C. Baby Doll Goth nail polish, M.A.C. Seriously Hip nail polish, M.A.C. Blue Flame Mineralize Eyeshadow, the M.A.C. Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, & the M.A.C. Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask. The Volcanic Ash mask & exfoliator are amazing, and are must buys in my opinion. My skin feels amazing today, just make sure you do a patch test before you apply it to your face. I have sensitive skin and was absolutely fine with the products, but everyone is different. The mineralize eye shadow is a fun eyeshadow to play with, but is best foiled. The nail polish is probably the best way to experience the collection in my opinion, but as far as formulas are concerned the Volcanic Ash exfoliator is hands down my favorite purchase of the night!

Blue Flame Swatch:

Me rambling & showing off my new purchases before I ran out the door this morning:

I will post a tutorial using the Blue Flame Mineralize e/s soon! Here is a closer look at the smokey look 🙂

More beauty stuff to come… xoxo.

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