After the lipsticks and blushes from M.A.C.’s Marilyn Monroe collection sold out online, I made it my mission to stop in to visit the M.A.C. counter at Saks to pick up a few things from the collection. I didn’t want to go overboard solely because of the packaging, so I kept my haul under $100.

MAC for Marilyn Monroe Mini Haul: Legendary blush, Love Goddess lipstick, Deeply Adored lipstick, and Fascinating Eye Kohl

M.A.C. for Marilyn packaging: I adore the kiss image on the inner lids

M.A.C. for Marilyn packaging

Love Goddess Lipstick, Deeply Adored Lipstick, Legendary Blush, and Fascinating Eye Kohl all from M.A.C.’s Marilyn Monroe collection

By the time I arrived at Saks (an hour after opening on launch day) The Perfect Cheek blush was already sold out.  I probably would have purchased this even though it looks really similar to M.A.C.’s Blooming (from the Cult of Cherry collection) in the pan, but I took it as a sign that it wasn’t meant to be and opted not to visit another counter or store in search of it. Instead, I remained satisfied in purchasing the Legendary blush instead, which is a a powdery light pinky coral.

M.A.C.’s limited edition Legendary Blush

For a lighter blush I was really impressed with the pigmentation, it shows up on my skin (I am a NW 20 this time of year for reference) exactly as it appears in the pan. I found it to be very flattering when blended on the cheeks giving a nice subtle glow to my cheeks. I could see myself wearing this shade quite a lot.

M.A.C.’s Fascinating Eye Kohl (permanent)

I picked up the white eye kohl in fascinating, which is a part of M.A.C.’s permanent range. White eyeliner is essential for me, and this is one of the best options out there to make your eyes pop. It goes on so smooth.

M.A.C. for Marilyn limited edition lipsticks in Love Goddess and Deeply Adored

The lipsticks were really what drew me to the collection. I skipped Pure Zen and Scarlett Ibis because A) they were re-promotes and B) I have similar shades already in my collection. I skipped Charmed I’m Sure because I own Ruby Woo, Heartless (from Disney’s Venomous Villains collection), and also Revlon’s Certainly Red. I’m not sure how many more true red lipsticks a girl like me needs! Also, Heartless is hands down my favorite red M.A.C. lipstick I’ve ever tried. I get so many compliments when I wear it, it lasts FOREVER, and doesn’t dry out my lips. Sure, do I wish that shade had Marilyn Monore on it instead of Cruella de vil? Why of course, but I ruled out Charmed I’m Sure based on these facts.  I purchased up Love Goddess a gorgeous reddish pink and Deeply Adored, because this darker brick red seemed to be perfect for fall and is much different from the reds I already own.

M.A.C. ‘s limited edition lipstick in Love Goddess

M.A.C.’s limited edition lipstick in Deeply Adored

M.A.C.’s Marilyn Monroe Collection Haul Swatches: Fascinating Eye Kohl, Love Goddess Lipstick, Deeply Adored Lipstick, Legendary Blush

 As for my reasoning for skipping on the other limited edition items in the Marilyn collection: I wasn’t interested in the beauty powder because I have about a thousand highlighting blushes that I rarely use already. The nail polishes looked lovely, but I rarely wear red (or gold for that matter) on my nails, so I found the shades to be a bit of a waste on me. The eyeshadows seemed very dupeable to me, and I don’t typically care to purchase the extra large shadows because I end up depotting limited edition shades to put in my palettes. Not only does this make my makeup a hell of a lot more organized, but I can travel with a bizzillion shades of eyeshadow if I so choose. I plan on using the shades I already own to get the Marilyn looks, namely Crystal Avalanche (dupe for How to Marry), Dazzlelight (close dupe for Preferred Blonde), and my countless bluish gray and silver eyeshadows. 

P.S. Lip and face swatches will be added to this post very soon! 

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