Yesterday, I ran my first half marathon out in East Hampton & finished *pats self on back*! I’m very excited about that, almost as excited as I am about the M.A.C. & Disney collaboration: Venomous Villains! Okay maybe 13.1 miles surpasses the Villains collection for a few reasons. For one, I can’t mask my disappointment that the Little Mermaid’s villain Ursula wasn’t one of the “chosen ones”. Even so, I still found plenty of items to spend my hard earned cash on. I didn’t buy Carbon or Melon Pigment because I already own them. I didn’t buy the following products because I either owned dupes or near-dupes, or dupes are readily available in M.A.C.’s permanent collection:

Oh So Fair beauty powder– I own Barbie’s beauty powder in Pearl Blossom, while not an exact dupe (Oh So Fair is more pigmented with less of a silver sheen) I felt they were close enough I didn’t need another super light pink Beauty Powder in my kit, but if you don’t have anything similar and are fair skinned I would recommend it.

Strange Potion lipglass– This is such a beautiful shade, but I already own Mimmy lipglass (Hello Kitty Collection) and Pink Lemonade Lipglass…swatched next to one another they are all in the same color family, and while not exact dupes, too similar to justify coughing up an extra $15.50

Innocence, Beware! Lipstick–I found it to be very similar to Hue Lipstick in M.A.C.’s permanent line

Her Alter Image eyeshadow–Beautiful Iris e/s in M.A.C.’s permanent line is a dupe
De-Vil eyeshadow– Coppering e/s in M.A.C.’s permanent line is a dupe
Sweetjoy eyeshadow–I found this to have a number of possible dupes, Creme Royale from Hello Kitty’s collection is very similar, Nylon e/s is in the same color family

Vainglorious eyeshadow–I found that Cranberry e/s to be very similar to this

She Who Dares mineralize eyeshadow- I own Blue Flame (from the Style Black e/s) which is pretty similar to the blue side of this e/s so I opted not to purchase.

Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty):
I purchased Briar Rose Beauty Powder, My Dark Magic Mineralize Eyeshadow, Formidable! Nail Polish, & Bad Fair Nail Polish.  These are probably my favorite purchases out of the collection. I had previously planned to purchase the Revenge is Sweet Lipglass, but found it to be too sheer and too glittery, but if you can pull of Violetta lipstick (a MAC PRO shade), this lipglass would add a little glittery punch).
Maleficent Haul & Packaging
Briar Rose Beauty Powder

I LOVE Briar Rose Beauty Powder! It is very pigmented, so I can use it alone as a blush.  It is the perfect shade of violet pink!

Briar Rose Beauty Powder
Briar Rose Beauty Powder, Heavy, Heavy Blended Out

Bad Fairy, Formidable! Nail Polish
The nail polishes are amazing. But, Formidable! & Mean & Green (not pictured) are dupes of two Orly polishes: Orly Galaxy Girl (Formidable!) & Orly Space Cadet (Mean & Green) Even so, I couldn’t resist picking up Formidable! I love it that much!

Bad Fairy Nail Polish
Formidable! Nail Polish
Formidable Nail Polish
My Dark Magic Mineralize Eyeshadow
My Dark Magic Mineralize Eyeshadow

Props to M.A.C. because in the past year they have improved the formula of their mineralize eyeshadows. They are sooo much easier to work with. The color pay-off of this shadow is fantastic when applied wet. With just a little bit of Fix+ this shadow really pops. I swatched this duo with different bases below and photographed them in natural light

My Dark Magic Mineralize Eyeshadow in Natural Light (shade) Over French Quarter, Over Blacktrack, Applied Dry over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Applied Wet with M.A.C. Fix + and no base
My Dark Magic Mineralize Eyeshadow In Direct Sunlight: Over French Quarter Greasepaint Stick, Over Blacktrack Eyeliner as base, dry over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Applied wet with Fix + and no base

Venomous Villains FOTD:
Lips: Hot House Lipglass toned down with Strange Potion lipglass
Eyes: My Dark Magic Mineralize E/S (fuschia side center of eye) purple side outer corner and crease, Stars & Rockets e/s inner half of lid (blended with fuschia side of My Dark Magic), Nylon e/s as highlight, Blacktrack eyeliner top lip winged out in a cat-eye shape, Smolder Eye Kohl on bottom lash line, followed by Lancome Mascara
Face: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Natural
Cheeks: Briar Rose on cheeks as blush blended out.

Evil Queen:
Evil Queen Packaging

Bite of an Apple Blush

I thought this blush might be too similar to Hipness or the dark side of Marine Life beauty powder from M.A.C.’s too the beach collection, but Bite of an Apple is less orange and more red then Marine Life and much darker (not to mention matte) then Hipness. The blush is very pigmented, but when blended out even my fair skin tone can pull off this shade!

Bite of an Apple Blush
Hot House LIpglass
This was a re-promote from M.A.C.’s Strange Hybrid collection and initially I thought it would be a dupe for Hello Kitty’s Sweet Strawberry lipglass, but Sweet Strawberry is very sheer and pinker in comparison as you can see in my swatch below.
Hot House Lipglass
Bite of an Apple Blush Blended, Hot House LIpglass
Hot House Lipglass
Hot House Lipglass, Sweet Strawberry Lipglass (from Hello Kitty Collection)

Bite of an Apple Blush, Hipness Blush, Marine Life Dark Side, Marine Life Light Side, Bite of an Apple Blush
Dr. Facilier:
Thoughts on the collection:
I was really excited about trying M.A.C.’s Magically Cool Liquid Powder, and while it was a lot of fun to play with at the counter, I found it to be incredibly gimmick with very little usefulness.  I played with Truth & Light…it seemed too light, it didn’t really apply evenly and seemed to dry with a near chalky texture that I didn’t really care for.  The effect wasn’t worth the effort, but is certainly a cool product to play around with in store! Definitely not worth hard earned cash!
I already own Melon pigment, but if you don’t, I highly recommend it.  There were two other pigments re-promoted from the Make Up Art Cosmetics collection: Brash & Bold and Push the Edge, neither of which I loved in the first place so I skipped. 
I am a fan of M.A.C.’s greasepaint sticks, and while I was hoping they would re-promote Style Black’s Black Greasepaint stick because of the subtle purple shimmer, instead they re-promoted Slick Black from the Art Supplies collection which is easily replaced by M.A.C.’s Blacktrack fluidline.  I did pick up the French Quarter Greasepaint stick because I previously only purchased the Below Ground Greasepaint stick and not ‘Dirty’ If you already own Dirty, then I would recommend you skip French Quarter as they are very similar.
French Quarter Greasepaint Stick

French Quarter Greasepaint stick, Melon Pigment, Melon applied over French Quarter
I love how using French Quarter as a base with Melon over it completely transforms the look! Beautiful!

Below Ground Greasepaint stick vs. French Quarter Greasepaint stick

Cruella de Vil:

I’ve already discussed the possible dupes and eyeshadows with this collection above, but I must pose this question: When did Cruella ever wear copper eyeshadow? Didn’t she wear green!? Yep, on my lipglass illustration she is wearing GREEN eyeshadow. FAIL!

As stated before, carbon eyeshadow is a must-there is no better black eyeshadow. If you don’t own it, buy it twice. 
I love a good red lip, and Cruella does it better than most.  I have swatched Heartless next to my favorite red M.A.C. lipstick Ruby Woo, and guess what, I may have a new favorite! Heartless is terrific!
Cruella de Vil M.A.C. Packaging
Wicked Ways Lipglass, Heartless Lipstick
Heartless Lipstick
Wicked Ways Lipglass

Heartless lipstick, Wicked Ways Lipglass
Ruby Woo Lipstick, Heartless Lipstick, Wicked Ways Lipglass
Wicked Ways is a super bright red– not for the faint of heart! If you are looking to wow, pick it up! As you would expect it looks great over Heartless
Heartless Lipstick + Wicked Ways Lipglass

Over all, I really liked the collection-the lip colors, nail polishes, and cheek powders were the cream of the crop. The packaging was good, but not still has not surpassed Hello Kitty standards (stamped kitty lipsticks will win every time).  I would have like to see more original eyeshadows and pigments. And Ursula would have been way better than Dr. Facilier! I demand a Little Mermaid + M.A.C. collection now. Seriously, I’m lobbying M.A.C. and Disney starting now!

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  1. Blondie
    October 4, 2010 at 3:08 am (7 years ago)

    I got one of everything! So excited to pick it all up. The evil queen is my absolute favorite! Kori xoxo