With all the fuss over M.A.C.’s Mineralize Skinfinish Stereo Rose and Petticoat from the In The Groove collection I feel like the fantastic pigments in the Alice + Olivia collection aren’t getting the proper attention despite being sold out online. 
Call me crazy, but I think the MSF’s might be over-hyped to the extent that I don’t see why one would need to spend double or more of their hard earned cash on eBay to get it. There are plenty other fantastic blush and beauty powders out there. Admittedly, none of which have quite reached the mythical proportions that Stereo Rose reached. Now, if NARS Orgasm blush was suddenly discontinued (*knock on wood*) then Stereo Rose might get some competition in that department. Maybe I’m only calling it hype because I am one of the few who DOESN’T own Stereo Rose, Petticoat, or even By Candlelight at this point. Everyone I know who does own one of the three MSF’s from In The Groove have been raving about them non-stop. Even so, it seems that the original Stereo Rose (from M.A.C. Goldplay 2005 collection) still reigns supreme (visit these blog posts for swatch comparisons: Beauty Look Book & BeautyMarked).
Now back to the task at hand, the Alice + Olivia for M.A.C. collection! Being a huge fan of Alice + Olivia I had to check out the cosmetics collaboration with M.A.C. I fell immediately in love with the pigments (and damn M.A.C. forever for the smaller packaging!) with Later. being my absolute favorite. While it is true the pigments are sold out on the M.A.C. website, you can still find them at a lot of counters and stores (I recommend calling ahead so as not to waste time traveling). Otherwise, the best and most affordable way to try these pigments is to order samples from the Body Needs, a site I use all the time to order my pigments, provided that it will take me close to a century to actually finish these pigments. As of today, they have samples of all three Alice + Olivia available.
I purchased all three pigments at my local Henri Bendel for my own personal use, and have taken some photos of my haul and swatched them for your viewing pleasure. As I mentioned before, Later. is my absolute favorite when applied wet, using a bit of M.A.C. Fix +. If It Sparkles… is very similar to M.A.C. Pink Opal, so if you have Pink Opal, I would say skip this one. Partylicious is gorgeous and is nothing like M.A.C.’s teal pigment (which I adore and have in a sample size from the Body Needs), but is definitely in the same color family as M.A.C.’s Aquadisiac e/s or M.A.C.’s Too Dolly e/s from the Hello Kitty collection). Later. is unique and beautiful (check out my wet swatch to truly appreciate it)–buy it if you can!
M.A.C. Alice + Olivia pigment packaging
I love the tiny details like the zebra print on the inside of the packaging sleeves.
{left to right} If It Sparkles…, Partylicious, and Later. Pigments from the M.A.C. Alice + Olivia Collection
If It Sparkles…


{l to r} Partylicious, If It Sparkles…, & Later (applied dry over Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in Original)
{l to r} Later., If It Sparkles…, Partylicious applied using a spray of M.A.C. Fix +
View the entire Alice + Olivia collection at M.A.C.

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