On Friday afternoon, I joined several other Lucky Magazine Style bloggers at Bloom Beauty Lounge to get our hair done before heading to the V.I.P. Lucky Shops event at Highline Stages. It has been a year or so since I’ve attended Lucky Shops, so I was excited to join in on the madness. Bloom did a fantastic job doing all of our hair. I liked how my hair turned out with a twisted braided up-do. It wasn’t what I had pictured in my head going in, but the twist immediately reminded me a lot of how I did my hair on my wedding day (twisted into a side chignon), so without even knowing it my stylist brought back happy memories. I think my look is one you could try at home! I am certainly going to try my hand at recreating my version of this look soon! The funny thing was, there were a few hats I came across while shopping that I wanted to try on, but didn’t for fear of messing up my hair. (All the more reason to go shopping without your hair being done, ladies!) It was fun chatting with a meeting the other bloggers, most of whom I’d never met before (They are all linked below).
Hair by Bloom Beauty Lounge
Bloom samples of hair, body, and face products and I also picked up a sample of Got 2B’s new Powder’Ful Volumizing Style Powder at the the Got2B Lucky Shops booth.
Bloom gave us samples of Davines Authentic Cleansing Nectar for Hair & Body, Davines Authentic Moisturising Balm for Face/Hair/Body, Davines Authentic Replenishing Butter for Face, Hair, & Body, and Davines Authentic Nourishing Oil for Face, Hair, & Body, Aestelance Balm Leave-In Conditioner, Aestelance Dead Sea Hair Mask, Rose Marie Swift Living Luminizer, and a cute bird tealight. I’ve already tried a few of the Davines products. They smell absolutely amazing and work quite well. I love the styling oil and the body butter. If you love Aveda products, you will love Davines! They smell divine. I have also become an instant fan of the Rose Marie Swift Living Luminizer, it is my new secret weapon! I haven’t tried the others, so I can’t comment on them just yet!
Now to the shopping! The V.I.P. event is only slightly less crazy then the Saturday & Sunday shopping events. The line looked crazy, so THANK YOU LUCKY for letting us skip it!  We walked in and so the Gorgeous Rachel Roy on the pink carpet giving an interview, checked our coats, and passed up Rebecca Minkoff and her cute little bundle of joy (tucked safely in a baby bjorn) as I headed to her booth to make my first and only purchase of the night. Two morning after clutches, one in black, and another in embossed teal. I now have quite the collection of Rebecca Minkoff bags, I need to be stopped! Is it bad I still want the Cheetah M.A.C. (Hello, Intervention!).
My Lucky Shops purchases: two Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C.s

Other booths that could have easily sentenced me to thousands of overtime hours at work included, Elizabeth & James, Autumn Cashmere, Twinkle by Wenlen,Rachel Roy, Pour La Victoire, and the Walter booths. I was also tempted by so many of the jewelry booths on hand. The only booth I was really disappointed by was the Claire Vivier booth, because even at the beginning of the night it seemed they had only a handful of bags available, and none of the sizeable envelope clutches I’ve been coveting. It was better that way, so I wasn’t further tempted.
The night had several celebrity sightings most notably being Iman in an amazing purple jacket, Kaylee Defer (of Gossip Girl fame) who is stunningly gorgeous in person, Bridget Moynahan wearing some sick boots, and Abigail Breslin who was digging in at the Jeanius Bar. There were other people there as well, but even as I stood there watching them being photographed I couldn’t place them even if they looked vaguely familiar. I feel like Siri, of iPhone fame, needs a celebrity upgrade with facial recognition technology that would allow me to snap a picture of someone with my iPhone and ask Siri something along the lines of, “who is this” and Siri could deliver their Imdb page or some applicable web source identifying why I should know them. (HAHA!!!)
After Lucky Shops there was a screening of a new ABC Family show Jane by Design. I wasn’t able to make the screening, so I’ll have to tune in with the rest of you to check it out. Watch a preview of the show below:

Overall it was a fun-filled event. Check out some of the other Lucky Style Blogger’s pages that were in attendance for their take on the event:

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  1. Catherine
    December 5, 2012 at 12:55 pm (5 years ago)

    Hey! I’m planning my attack for this year’s LS! How much were the RM bags discounted?? Thanks!