i’m not exactly superstitious…i’m fine with black cats (so long as they aren’t rabid), i’ve opened umbrellas indoors, i’ve walked under ladders, and i have most certainly had lucky charms & trinkets fail me when i foolishly relied on (ahem, LSAT anyone!?), so i’m not a believer in “luck”. even so, i can’t say i’m exactly a fan of friday the 13th. if there is one day i could use some luck it would be today! friday the 13th terrifies me (the date, the movie & the nintendo video game) i wasn’t sure i even wanted to step outside my apartment today (but then again when do i ever want to peel myself out of bed & head to work!?) so far my fears have proved to be irrational (not that i want to jinx myself or anything)–this day has been pretty lucky thus far, so i thought i’d share the wealth (yea um i don’t mean this literally… i didn’t win any money…i’m talking i-got-a-seat-on-the-subway kind of luck) here are some covetable finds currently available online @ satine:
Wayf Spring Flowers Silk Strapless Dress $370.00; Tsumori Chisato Grey Skull Sweatshirt Top $250.00; both @ satine

Vena Cava Navy Silk/Jersey Spaghetti Strap Dress $360.00; Sass and Bide Graphic Design Jersey Bubble Dress $450.00; ; both @ satine

Black Alana Dress $255.00; Vena Cava Blue and Cream Printed Silk Dress $410.00; ; both @ satine

Dallin and Chase Green A-Line Bikini Dress $210.00; Deadly Squire Bush and Berry Coin Purse $25.00; ; both @ satine
Willow Dark Grey Silk and Crochet Dress $855.00 (if i had any actual luck this dress would be 85 dollars instead of what it actually is, woe is me!) ; S&J Black Patent Elina Slingback Sandals $180.00; ; both @ satine

Red and Black Sarah Sandals $180.00; S&J White and Yellow Sarah Wedge $180.00; ; both @ satine

good luck dahlings! have a wonderful weekend!

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