Abigail Lorick pleased the crowd with her Spring 2009 fashion presentation and is the early favorite for best set design. Her ladylike, 1950s inspired collection was showcased in seven elaborate scenarios that included, “After the Storm”, “Demolition Party”, “A Room of One’s Own, “Overgrown Garden”, “Bedroom Disaster”, “In-Limbo”, and of course my favorite, “Cake Coma”. The presentation was a bit outlandish, and while a perfect way to get noticed, it nearly upstaged the clothes which were beautiful in their own right. I adored the looks in emerald green, and felt this color was an excellent contrast to the gold, cream, blush, gray, and navy tones. The retro makeup, over-sized glasses, sheer gloves, statement necklaces, and big hair made for a nice touch. If there is one thing this collection demonstrates to us is that you can dress like a lady and have your fun (& cake) too.


Check out the interview with Abigail Lorick & the up close look at the various sets:

{images & video via Coutorture}

P.S. Ten pieces from this collection are also scheduled to appear in an upcoming Gossip Girl episode as Eleanor Waldorf’s latest designs (Michael Kors will guest star in the episode).

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