I received this email this morning from a guy who would probably win a boyfriend of the year award if he found this dress:


I’ve been searching for it for my girlfriend for a while now with no joy. The dress is from the movie In Her Shoes and was worn by Cameron Diaz. I have enclosed a picture of it below but it is the criss crossing at the neck dress in blue and brown she wore in the party scene near the end. I would dearly love to find one like it for her and I was hoping you could perhaps set me on the right path. Any leads or information you could give would be greatly appreciated…!

Here is the photo:

My best guess is Roberto Cavalli, and I seem to remember it being featured in InStyle magazine right around the time the movie came out too, does anyone happen to have an old stash of InStyle mags? Sophie de Rakoff Carbonell was the costume designer, Sophie are you out there? Can you give me an answer? If anyone has any clue as to tracking this dress down, knows where to find a dress in a similar print or style, orr knows where to purchase a similar printed fabric please comment!

Roberto Cavalli printed halters:

Roberto Cavalli Jersey Halter Dress $1380 @ saks

Roberto Cavalli – Jersey Halter Top – Saks.com $870

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